Ok before I begin this is my first post. Um.. I plan on having this a weekly thing. But I'm not sure. So here it is. Oh and I'll explain more stuff that happened in the past as time goes on.

And so I begin:

I felt a gentle rocking as I tried to open my sore eyes. Little by little I was able to gain my sight again, though with much strain. The fact that I could still open my eyes did surprise me more than just a little. I would’ve thought that the Hel’Vorta would’ve killed me by now.

Opening my eyes fully now I saw my captors, two Hel’Vorta pushing me on a floating metal bed. Feeling for my weapons I found they had removed my swords and my battle ax from me and they had strapped the weapons to themselves. Looking myself over I saw my injuries, burnt flesh on my right shoulder, that I knew was because of my taking that energy bolt earlier. My leg was covered in blood, some of which had crusted over, but the arrow had been removed. The worst of my injuries was the one had hadn’t seen while my eyes had been closed in concentration. In my chest was a melted arrow, the skin had been burnt from it and thereby it hadn’t lost much blood. Luckily for me it was on the right side of my chest so it wasn’t any risk of it damaging my heart, however, I still wondered if my lung was damaged. Breathing felt incredibly painful, which just added to my believing that my lung had been punctured or somehow injured in some way.

Hoping the Hel’Vorta had somehow forgotten to remove my daggers I tried reaching for them. My heart nearly stopped as I couldn’t move my arms. I frantically looked around my body, there were no restraining devices on them. Nor could I find anything on my legs but I couldn’t get them to move either. I looked over the rest of my body trying to find some sort of straps or chains or lasers or something of that sort. The only thing I found was some kind of metal crown on my forehead. however, that couldn’t be the reason for my not being able to move, could it?

I heard sounds of the two Hel’Vorta speaking to each other but couldn’t make anything out. I cocked my head and discovered that luckily I could still move it, turning my head around I saw we were making our way to what seemed like their. headquarters. Though they had been here only a few months they had made a lot of buildings and shipyards. Most of the buildings were only one story high, but some of them were three or four stories with tons of guards near them with high-tech weaponry. I saw many traveling carts or whatever hovering two or three feet over the ground and from what I saw they could travel pretty fast.

“Get up, you son of a bitch! Move, you idiot!” I lay there in surprise as he pulled the crown off and barked this at me. “Do not you understand you weirdo. stupid you, damn it I’m trying to be nice, I said get your butt out of this thing before I grab that arrow and shove it up your ass.” Since I didn’t understand what he was saying I just laid there not daring to move, and after all I knew for a fact that I wasn’t able to move. The look on his face displayed irritation, and to get the point through to me he grabbed the arrow hard and ripped it out. I screamed out in pain as blood freely flowed from it, pouring all over the floor. The thing that surprised me was that I found that I was able to move once again and chose to slide off the the bed thing instead of staying on it. Expecting a punishment I coiled up in a ball to protect myself from their beatings. Surprising me they just pushed the bed thing away without giving me another second look.

Immediately I placed my hand over my wound, but the blood still managed to squeeze through my fingers and over the rest of my body. Ripping the sleeves of my shirt, I tied them around my chest, hoping it would slow the bleeding down and maybe even stop it totally. I took the time to examine my surroundings more clearly. All around me were Hel’Vorta people walking about acting like they were just living their daily lives. They had many buildings and a half dozen shipyards with god knows how many ships. Looking at the buildings and everything, it appeared to me that they must’ve been here ever since their first attack not the second. They had way to many buildings and they weren’t constructed in a quick fashion. These buildings could well withstand some blasts from even star ship blaster cannon.

Not giving even a second later, two tough looking Hel’Vorta women came for me, grabbing me by the arms. They dragged me on the ground until we came to one of the smaller buildings, once there they dropped me and talked to the person standing inside. Commands were barked and I was once again picked up and taken further into the building. This building that I had once thought was only one story was actually a few more. For they had underground levels and that was where they were taking me. Opening a hatch in the floor the women dropped me, I fell through the air smashing against something hard. From the crunch and the pain I felt I knew that I had just broken more than a few ribs. Turning over I drew a couple deep painful breaths, and then spat out the blood in my mouth. Twisting some I could see that there was no ladder or anything back to the top and it was a good twenty feet to get to the door. The room was huge and was very dimly lighted, I could make out a few shadows though. I lowered my head, ‘This is probably my death, sorry Jouslin’. Putting my head in the dirt I prepared myself for the end. Something touched me softly on my shoulder and I jumped up in shock from touch.

“You okay?” it was the figure of a woman, probably only around sixteen or seventeen years of age. She spoke in a whisper and I had to strain to hear her. I tried responding but I found my voice was lost, I felt my sore throat and started to panic some, I hadn’t spoken ever since I was on that bed thing. Feeling me reach for my throat she responded in understanding voice, “It’s a drug they give you, don’t worry you should be able to speak within a few days,” she moved her hands through my hair then looked at my wounds.

“You must’ve been up against quite a lot of them to have this many injuries,” she lifted my head up and looked into my eyes, “or either your really are a pathetic fighter. Which is it?” she again looked at me, but I had no
hope for answering her, “Oh, yeah, sorry about that,”

“That’s okay,” I put my hands to my mouth after saying that. I could not believe it, thought she said a couple of days, though I could of been a couple of days seen I really don’t know how long I was out.

“What? Thought you couldn’t speak, you know, that’s not a nice trick to play on people who are trying to help you,” she turned away clearly upset, I was able to get to my knees and sit with her, though it did hurt a heck of a lot. I was about to explain when my words got stopped.

“Ah, I new recruit,” said a very muscular man as he lifted me up to my feet and examined me. “Need to put some muscle on those bones of yours,” he then slapped me on the back, I went flying to the floor, breaking something on my body. Couldn’t quiet tell what since everything on my body was hurting so bad.

“Dyne stop that, can’t you see he’s hurt,” said the girl coming to my side trying to help me up.

“Dyne... have to put that on my list of names that I hate,” I replied struggling to my feet, my whole body was shaking and from the look on that guy’s face I could be sure that he didn’t like my words. Dyne started at me slowly and was about to clobber me into the ground when another person came into my view. This new person was elderly, with white hair and a long white beard. His eyes appeared to be a dark green and his face was decently wrinkled from either old age or sun. He neither skinny nor fat, he walked without the aid of any stick or anything of the like. And he seemed to be in fairly good condition, he didn’t cough too much or seem that he was ill.

The old man’s eyes sparkled with a fire when he saw me, his expression almost seemed abnormal. He put his finger to his head and mumbled something to himself which I wasn’t able to hear. The then produced something from the inside of his clothing. Two nicely done daggers, in fact they could of passed for my own other than the fact that I knew they weren’t. The reason I knew, this was the fact that the two daggers would like glow bright red every few seconds. The old man then threw me the daggers, landing right in front of my feet.

“Dig, if you going to live down here than you dig for you first days stay here,” I looked down at the daggers then back at the old man. From his expression he seemed serious, but how could he expect me to dig in my present condition. I looked over at the young girl hopefully. Nope! No help was going to be given to me, no defense of my conditions, nothing.

“And if I don’t dig,” I replied wondering what they could possibly do to me. The old man snapped his fingers and a couple men came into view all having wooden bows with arrows.

“Then we have one less mouth to feed,” replied the old man with a hint of a grin on his face. Pushing the daggers into the ground with my feet I saw they were pretty sharp, putting deep marks into my shoes as I pushed them. I bent over and nearly passed out from the pain, but I put it aside and picked up the daggers, and still managing to come to my feet once more.

“You expect me to dig in the ground with these,” I said fingering the blades in each of my hands.

“Either them or your hands. We find the daggers easier to use, especially since there are creatures in the dirt
that seem to have a taste for human flesh,” he hissed the last few words between his teeth, then I watched him turn him back on me. “No matter what you do, you have to work,” the old man then walked out of my sight.

“Tch, man, I just got thrown into hell and I’m being enslaved by Satan and his demons!” turning to the girl, “does everyone get this kind of treatment?” she shrugged.

“Nice hair what color?” she asked, I nearly chuckled from the question. But her expression told me all to much, this wasn’t a question meant to be funny.

“Oh, your serious. Uh, it’s mostly blonde with brown mixed in and on the sides it has a thick row of silver.”

“Your eyes?” she said moving towards me. I felt like backing away but the pain made me stand still.

“They’re a dark purple, though I’m told that when I get angry they turn to a bloody red, and the color swarms through my eyes making it look as if my eyes were like just totally red or something. Why you ask?” I was just curious, but I felt my heart telling me that I shouldn’t of asked. She pulled back and turned around.

“I’m... I mean I was born color blind, in fact I was born in this place,” I shook my head in disbelieve, either she was very mature looking for her age or she had been down her quite some time. Or maybe both.

“But, that would mean... I mean. Just how old are you?”

“Ten years and three months, I think. It’s hard to tell since we don’t get any light down here,” she grabbed a piece of hair and twisted it around her finger slyly. She then put her hands on my face and moved them around, then backed away again. “You're handsome,” she blurted, and then blushed deeply. The thought that this child thought I was handsome made me grin like never before.

“Get to work!” came a shout from behind me. I turned to acknowledge.

“Chill out man, not like I going anywhere,” I couldn’t believe the nerve of these people, here I’m getting wronged and they want to make my life all the worse. “You guys wouldn't have something like a bacta tank would you? You know a thing that a person goes into and it helps them heal their injuries.”

“I know what a bacta tank is, and yes we have one. The guys up top gave us the material and we made one. You can’t use it unless you work,” Dyne said with a smirk, then quickly added, “and I’ll be the one in charge of how much you have to do.”

“I’d rather to rot in hell, than work under you,” I replied with attitude flaring into my voice.

“You're already there, yep, you're already there,” was his reply to me.

After working for a few hours and making my body all the more sore he said I was done. The reason I had gotten down so fast was the fact that I invoked my super speed. though, it did drain a lot of energy from me since I was so badly hurt. The weird thing I found out was that when I would get angry the daggers would pulsate with my heart, turning a translucent red every time my heart did a beat. By the end of my work I had lost a good deal of blood and nearly felt that I was going to pass out or just plain die. However, I remembered what Natasha had said, ‘Hang in there Edgar!--- Just chill, we’re gonna get through this!’ and I regained hope. I had to defend what was rightfully ours, my planet my home my world. No way was some stupid race going to come in here I take that from me and kill everyone I knew, in fact I would break out this very night or day.

“The chief wishes to see you,” said a guard-like person, pointing at me. I followed the person limping and holding my hand to my mildly bleeding chest. He led the way, I can’t say what the place looked like, everything was just too dark for me to make out. The guard stopped in front of a door made of stones and motioned for me to enter. I entered nearly short of breath, I felt the blood pouring into my lungs and I was gagging in it. ‘Oh well I knew this was going to happen anyway, no need to be upset, after all I’ve always known I’m a screw up’. This thought echoed in my head, I knew moments were all I had left. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that I was going to die with a bunch of weird dirt digging people.

As I entered the room my paced changed to that of a slow shuffle. The room was nicely decorated for being underground. Nice stones blocks with carved images into them. It also had nice glowing weapons hanging on the walls, all looked really powerful.

“Come closer, my boy. I must feel you before you can get anything,” It was the voice of the old man that had ordered me to dig just hours or so earlier. I walked forward slowly dripping blood on the dirt below me.

“You seem pretty injured, heard you want to use our bacta tank. Well you're far to injured to get in it, you’d have to use it like ten times everyday just to get well. And well we can’t allow that. However, I can heal you right now, if of course you want me to and trust me,” Looking the guy over, I knew there couldn’t possibly be anything he could do for me. However, I was dying, so it did make since just to let the old guy try what he planned on doing.

“Doesn’t matter to me,” I moved forward and expected a potion or medicine. Instead he placed him hands on my wounds mumbling ‘Dorko mona su, regto bea jok nea fur’. I saw his hands glow and the pain departed from me. The wounds were no longer, and my energy was returned to it’s fullness that I had possessed before my journey.

“That was great. How did you do that? Wait, wait, no you can’t be, can you?” my thoughts were wondering in all different places, I wasn’t quite sure what I was even thinking when I had asked that.

“Yes, I Norme Yelfor, I’m and was a Dark Fighter. I’ve taught many, but our species, the Velgo, live only underground. I’ve trained Dark Fighters down here, but most didn’t show much promise, and so I’ve given up on training. Now, I just settle for a simple existence. While most of our species are born blind, their are a few that aren’t. Those usually go to the surface and supply us with things that we could never get or make from underground. If we wanted we could live on the upper wold, however, we find things down here much more desirable.”

“But, from what I was taught from the chief of my village, I thought that there was only one Dark Fighter on a planet. Was he wrong?”

“Of course not... he was right, and I’ll tell you that I’m the only Dark Fighter that came from this planet.”

“No no no... you see I was born here. So since I’m a Dark Fighter that would make me the only one,” I said shaking my head at him, wondering what was exactly going on.

“Uh, un, my dear Edgar-”

“What the... how do you know my name? I haven’t told anybody here!”

“Because your name was prophesied in the scrolls,” he said pointing to the rolls of paper to the side on a stone desk. “Those scrolls give details about your life, my boy. Would you like to know who you really are?” his words lingered in me. I knew who I was, I was Edgar Light Wreslor... wasn’t I? Or was everything I knew not real?

“What could you possibly know about me! I’m so complicated that half my friends don’t even know everything about me.”

“What, you think you actually have friends? Let’s see, what was his name? Oh yeah, Matthew Snake, yeah that was his name. You don’t think that he got tired in the woods, did you? Don’t you know that he could’ve saved you, he was just a minute behind. And who do you think gave that Hel’Vorta such a primitive weapon? Didn’t Matthew have that exact same weapon when you had seen him?”

My thoughts muddled, everything seemed so confusing. Why, this couldn’t be true, but he had said he’d be right behind me. Wait, wait, didn’t I tell him that I could handle anything they threw at me, so he probably took an extra few minutes or so.

“I know what you’re thinking. No, he didn’t take a couple extra minutes for himself. Right after you left he followed, though not close behind, after all you were going so quickly. But then he stayed some feet away from you when you were preparing for your attack. Using his com, he called for two Hel’Vorta, when they arrived he handed them his crossbow and the other his homemade bow and arrows.” I couldn’t believe this, it was too perfectly told. But if it was made up then how would he know that my friend’s name was Matthew Snake. Or that he was carrying his crossbow along with his homemade bow. I felt so used, I thought that for a moment I was going to throw up from disgust. However, sickness turned to sadness.

“That isn’t all, boy. You never really had parents, you were abducted by the KOA and Dewf races. Usually they don’t take boys or girls that were as young as you, being only three years old. However, they made an exception for you, you just showed a lot of more talent than others. Yes, early on in your life you had the ability to place images into others minds, and run fast and jump high.”

“But, but..... Okay, fine, if that was what happened then I’ll believe you, for now that is. So I already know that abducting people is what the KOA do but who are these Dewf species?” Images came flooding in, everything was clear now. I saw myself on a planet holding my mother’s hand as she was struck down my some alien race, they were all demented looking. They grabbed me and took me away. Using my powers, they made me stronger, using me to place images into enemies that were galaxies away. The worst image that came was the fact that I saw clearly my father, in space moving through a ship. I had placed an image into his head, can’t remember what. My dad panicked and plotted a wrong course in his hyper drive and he ended up running into a sun exploding even before contact. What Norme said about the Dewf species was all a blur, I couldn’t hear a thing. I was too deep in thought, remembering my stay with the KOA and Dewf species. The only thing I caught was his ending words.

“-after they were finished with you, they erased your memory multiple times and put you on the planet . Thereby, they found some young couple that didn’t mind taking you from the KOA and Dewf. They were told that when you turned twenty that they should make you create a journal to help you remember all the vile and evil things you had done. Then they were told to introduce a girl named Jouslin to you...” I threw up then, collapsing from the words. ‘My whole life was made up, down to meeting Jouslin’. I can’t believe this, how could this be.

“Then they were told that they should make sure that things get romantic between the two of you. However, they were told that she would be killed the day of the attack. And if she wasn’t killed from the attack that they would have to killed her. The plan was to cut her all over and bruise her body, and hopefully put her under some piles of ruins in the city,” the last words really struck me. Did my foster parents... kill Jouslin. They had left the house right before the attack. The notion was awful, but it all poured it me. the details that I had passed off as not needed were helping his story to convince me.

“My whole life, made up for me! I can’t believe it! And the fact that I killed my own father is just tearing me up. How can I ever live with myself, with what I’ve done.”

“Wait, I’m not finished yet,” he said grabbing my hands and turning me around to face him, “you were in charge of who they picked up on there planet to planet abductions. After all they didn’t dump you on here, Gyster, till you were ten. Yes. Ten.”

I was at a loss for words. No words could not describe what was happening. How could I have done all this. I lowered my head in shame.

To be continued....

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