Wanderers Script Chapter 1

Hello everybody. As promised here is the first chapter of my computer game Wanderers. I have gone through the first chapter and checked for spelling and some grammar errors. Please note that I am from Canada and use the British spelling for some words. Also note that while I am posting the whole game script here, I am not giving up ownership on the story and may at somepoint may restart development on the Coldstone game (but most likely not until there is a patch for Coldstone). Please remember that this game was written in 2002-2003 and was my first attempt at writing a game script. If possible I would love to get feedback and you can either post to the forums here or email me directly at Pedrith@hotmail.com (and if you do email me please put Wanderers game script as the subject).

Thank you for your time.


David G. Lein

P.s. Seeing as this is a really long post, the following chapters will be broken down into smaller chunks.


Chapter 1: Child of Magic

FMV 1 Starts

The camera slowly pans upward revealing a leather bound book. On the cover of the book is the title in Gold letters: Wanderers. The books opens and then we see the first page with its crisp typed letters:

My name is Michael Grenin and I am now seventy years old. In my youth I had done many things in the service to king and country.

Here Michael’s voice fades in and the scenes that proceed follow his narrative.

Michael (V.O.): To the British I was but a person to be drafted to fight in the second World War, eventually earning the rank of lieutenant, but to the people of the four worlds I was the Child of Magic.

Michael (V.O.): The four worlds much unlike Earth had a vast and diverse population of creatures thought only to be myth and legend. My story begins with the faerie named Brahm.

The scene fades to a dimly lit room. Michael is tied to a poll, his uniform cut so that it is difficult to tell if it is a British or German uniform. Brahm enters and approaches, a short whip in hand.

Brahm: What were you doing in the forest?

(Brahm whips him once)

What are you searching for?

(Brahm whips him twice when there is no answer)

How many of them where with you?

Michael: Who are you?

Brahm: Answer my questions and I might not kill you.

Michael: Where am I?

Brahm: Where are the humans you are traveling with?

(Michael does not answer and Brahm whips him)

(Talik enters)

Talik: Enough Brahm. GO home. I will handle things from here.

(Brahm turns and heads towards the door)

Brahm: You’re making a mistake treating a human as a friend.

Talik: Compassion is never a mistake.

(Brahm leaves. Talik then goes and helps the human.)

Michael: ...Wings....What are you...

(Fades to black)

FMV 1 Ends

(Talik’s home)

(After you get out of bed and move around up stairs)

Talik: I’m not saying that we should not keep an eye on him, but to go so far as torture. A....

Brahm: Don’t bring her into this.

Talik: Fine. We need to find out where he came from and why he is here. I will ask him, then Sophie will show him around town.

Brahm: Are YOU CRAZY!! Sophie should stay as far away from him as possible.

(When you get downstairs)

Talik: We want him to feel that he can be trusted, in turn he might trust us.

Brahm: And what if Sophie comes to like him?

Talik: Then we would welcome him as we did Anna.

(Noticing Michael by the stairs)

Go investigate near the temple, but do lift the seal from the temple’s inner doors.

Brahm: As you wish. (Brahm departs)

Talik: Ah...Did you overhear any of our conversation?

(You are given two choices: Yes or No)


Talik: Brahm can be very forward in his dislike towards Humans and I am sorry that you had to suffer for his ill judgement.


Talik: Not that it matters anyway. I’m glad to see that you are feeling better.

Talik: My name is Talik. I’m the village elder and you are?

Michael: Michael Grenin...

Talik: Hmm... The young woman you saved said that you appeared out of nowhere and fought off the creatures with powerful magic.

Michael: Woman?? Creatures?? Magic?? I do not know what you’re talking about. Um...why do you have wings?

Talik: Wings...Ha ha ha...ahem...of course you would not know...We’re faeries. Say do you know where you were born?

Michael: Faeries. I was um...born...I don’t remember. I cannot remember anything.

Talik: No memory...hmm...

(Sophie enters)

Talik: Ah Sophie...I was just going to call for you. Would you please show Michael our village, while I do some research. Bring him back here this evening. Don’t worry Michael your memories will come back to you eventually.

(Talik heads to another room)

Sophie: I wanted to thank you for earlier...

Michael: .....

Sophie: Come on I’ll show you around town.

(Sophie joins the party)

(Outside the Talik’s house)

Child 1: I heard Brahm captured a human.

Child 2: Really??

Child 1: I heard he’s three times our height, covered in thick fur and eats fish.

Child 2: That’s not a human...that’s a bear...human’s don’t exist silly.

(Blacksmith’s shop)

Blacksmith: I’m afraid I don’t have anything that a human could use. I don’t mean to be rude but I have lots of work to do so please run along.

(Otek’s home)

Otek the healer: Ah....a human male... I have not see one in almost thirty years. Not since that incident with Brahm. Yikes! I shouldn’t have said that...I mean nice to meet you.

(Near the garden)

Sign near garden gates: The garden is closed today.

(Near the town gates)

Brahm: Are you ready?

Guards: Yes sir.

Brahm: Don’t get to comfortable human, you will not be staying here very long. Sophie, at the first sign of trouble eliminate him.

(Brahm’s group departs)

Sophie: I am sorry that you had to hear that. Brahm can be overprotective, but he is a caring brother. You look hungry. Shall we go to the inn and get something to eat?

Michael: Sure. (Ends scene)

Michael: Maybe in a little while. (Allows you to roam around town some more until you enter the inn)

(Note: At this point you guide Brahm and the guards through the forest until you reach the rest point. Then the scene switches back to Talik’s home)

(Talik’s home)

Talik: It occurred to me during my research that while you can speak our language, you most likely do not remember anything about this world. Our world is called Felvar, and is the smallest of the five worlds.

Talik: All the four worlds: Felvar, Trogan, Shivan, and Higoth were created by the two Dragon Gods: Ryujin of the Golden Seas, and Tiamat of the Shimmering Sky. I think that by learning about the four worlds your memory might begin to return to you.

Michael: Excuse me, but what is the fifth world called?

Talik: The fifth world is the Phantom Realm. We do not openly speak of it, and very few people know that it even exists.

Michael: Oh...I understand. Please continue.

Talik: I would like cast a spell on you. It might help restore your memory and will also help determine your intentions.

Michael: I mean you no harm...

Talik: I believe you, but the past relationships between humans and faeries have been precarious at best. Some people cannot let go of the past and move on. If I cast this spell it will put them at ease.

Michael: Will it hurt?

Talik: There is no pain, but you might feel a little dizzy afterwards.

Michael: I’m ready.

(Talik performs the spell and it bounces back throwing Talik back a few paces.)

Talik: !!!! That was not supposed to happen.

Michael: Are you all right? What happened?

Talik: The spell was deflected back, but only a powerful sorcerer mumble mumble mumble... Let me try a different spell. This spell will detect all types of magical fields that are within range of the caster.

(Talik casts the spell. Slowly a few items in the room begin to glow, then Michael emits a huge burst of light. Then after a few moments the light fades)

Talik: Amazing. I never thought that it was possible.

Michael: Where did that light come from?

Talik: It came from within you. It seems that you harbor intense magical powers deep inside your body. I would like to teach you how to tap into your magical powers if you are interested.

Michael: I would like to learn more about my powers.

Talik: Good. Come by tomorrow morning and you can sit in on tomorrow’s lesson.

Fade to black.

(Dream sequence 1 - Ancient Temple)

In a meadow

Anna: I wish everyday was this beautiful.

Brahm: It is when I’m with you.

In town

Man: A Faerie and a human. It will never work. In the end you will only be hurt.

Brahm: Who asked you?

Brahm tied to a poll

Man: Didn’t I tell you that you would only get hurt. Your magical wings will fetch a handsome price. Hang around for a bit as I’ll be back for the other two later.

(The man leaves)

Anna: I’ve come to rescue you.

Brahm: If they find you here they will kill you.

Anna: I’ll have you free in a moment.

Brahm: We have to get out of here.


Voice: Brahm.....Brahm.....

(Brahm awakens and the scene returns to the rest area)

Brahm: ....Hey you lazy good-for-nothings. Get up already!

(At the temple)

Voice: Brahm.....Brahm....I’m waiting to see you.....

(Brahm takes a step toward the open temple entrance)

Guards: I don’t think going in there is very wise.

Brahm: Stay here then.

(Brahm goes inside the temple and is led to the locked door at the back by a ghostly figure. As Brahm approaches the locked door a column of fire erupts from the ground. Inside this column of fire is Anna.)

Brahm: Anna....Anna!!! What are you doing here?

Anna: Brahm...I’m so glad to see you. It’s been such a long time...

Brahm: How can this be? How can you be here!

Anna: I’ve agreed to help the one that is coming. A new deity is starting to awaken. I was sent to recruit you. The old gods do not care for us, if they did I would still be alive. Help us and in return I shall be restored to life. Together we will punish Tiamat and Ryujin.

Brahm: It’s not possible....but I need some time to consider it. Either way it was good to see you again.

Anna: I understand. This must be hard for you. Please think about this. I will see you again...until then my love.

(Anna vanishes)

Brahm: Anna...Could this be true...to have you at my side again...but to go against the gods....I need time to think and deal with that human before I can give my answer.

(Brahm leaves the temple)

Brahm: Let us return home.

Fade to black.

(School house)

(Students start filing into the small classroom and sit at there desks. Then Talik enters followed by Michael, who takes a seat with the students while Talik heads to the front)

Talik: Good morning everyone. Our lesson on the history of magical duels will be postponed until tomorrow as we are going to review the basic principles of magic.

(The students grumble slightly)

Talik: Can anyone tell me what are the six main types of magic?

Boy1: The six types of magic are....um...um

Girl2: They are Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, and Darkness.

Talik: Correct. And what happens if you combine the Light and Darkness magic together?

Boy2: You can change into rocks and animals and goldfish.

Talik: You get metamorphosis magic, which as the young lad described allows you to change your shape. This type of magic is used in magical duels and tournaments where the object is not to harm your opponent but to outwit them.

Michael: Um..er..Professor Talik...how did I end up here?

Talik: Most likely you were teleported here. Now does anyone know where teleportation magic comes from?

Brahm: It’s a combination of light magic and air magic, but I do not believe that is what brought the human here.

(Brahm comes forward and whispers something to Talik)

Talik: I need to speak to Brahm privately, so class is cancelled for today.

(The students go streaming out of the classroom)

Talik: Michael please find Sophie and bring her here. I think she is in the garden.

(Michael departs)

(In the garden)

Sophie: Good morning Michael. I thought that Talik was to begin your training in the mystical arts.

Michael: It was interrupted. Brahm has returned and Talik asked me to fetch you.

Sophie: Lead the way.

(In the school house)

Talik: What did you discover?

Brahm: The temple doors were open, yet the seal on the back room remains intact. What lies beyond...

Talik: It’s not for you to know. I tested Michael. He has much potential. I believe that he is the Child of Magic.

Brahm: No. I won’t believe it!

Talik: He deflected my spell without even a word. He does not know that he even did it. Someone or something locked his memory away. The question is why?

(Sophie and Michael enter)

Brahm: No. HE can’t be the CHILD OF MAGIC!

Sophie: Who can’t be the Child of Magic?

Michael: What or should I say who is the Child of Magic?

Talik: Long ago in a time before recorded history, a great darkness consumed the land. Tiamat and Ryujin joined forces against this Being of Darkness, but they where fighting a futile battle. Then just before everything was lost the Child of Magic appeared and sealed the Being of Darkness, before vanishing back into the mists of time.

Michael: But what makes you think that I’m this Child of Magic?

Talik: I just get this feeling of power emanating from you, beyond that it is an educated guess.

Brahm: A guess. Hundreds of years of experience and YOU GUESS that this human is the Child of Magic!!

Sophie: Brahm calm down, and if you are to speak about Michael as if he is not standing next to me at least use his name.

Talik: We should take him to the see the Council of Mages. They will be able to determine if he truly is the Child of Magic.

Brahm: And if he’s not.

Talik: We will deal with that later. Sophie please help Michael with the preparations for his journey. Brahm do the same for the both of us.

Sophie: I’m coming along as well. While you and Brahm are skilled in defensive and offensive magic, neither of you are very skilled at the healing arts.

Brahm: Absolutely not. It will be too dangerous.

Sophie: All the more reason for me to join you. Besides I’m coming along regardless, if nothing more Michael will have a friend to talk to since you will obviously not be filling that role.

Talik: Enough squabbling about this; we gladly accept your choice to join us. Now we should prepare for we leave in the morning.

Michael: Um...I don’t mean to sound rude but if both you and Brahm leave, who would protect the village?

Talik: Do not trouble your mind with such things. This village is protected by more than a few soldiers. Once we leave tomorrow you will understand. Now go prepare.

(Brahm, Michael and Sophie leave the school house)


Sophie: We should stop by Otek’s shop and Gellnar the Blacksmith before we turn in for the night.

(Otek’s shop)

Sophie: Hello Otek. Your hunch was right and I’m going with them tomorrow.

Otek: I’m glad. The trip should be quite educational. Oh hello Michael, I did not see you there.

Michael: Hello Otek. Sophie says you could help us with some supplies.

Otek: Yes. I have various potions that will help you. Let’s see...one of these...this one will be useful...better make that two...oh and here is a sleeping potion. You never know when that will come in handy.

(1 sleeping potion, 1 antidote potion, and 2 potions of vigor)

Sophie: Thanks Otek. Take care while we’re gone.

Otek: I will be fine Sophie. May your journey be full of wonderful surprises.

Michael: Thanks for everything Otek. Um...May your days here be filled with peace and tranquility.

(Gellnar the Blacksmith’s Shop)

Gellnar: Ah Sophie, I figured you would be by soon. Brahm came by earlier to have his sword sharpened. Here are your hunting daggers, all sharpened and polished. Unfortunately I don’t have anything that would suit a human.

Michael: What about that wooden staff over there?

Gellnar: You mean my walking stick. Yeah I guess you could have that if you want it.

(Hands Michael the walking stick)

Michael: Thanks.

Gellnar: Oh and by the way, take this short sword with you. Since we don’t really have much need for money, unlike the human world outside our village, you should sell the sword in Linz to help finance your little journey.

(Michael receives a short sword)

Michael: Thank you. We all really appreciate this.

Gellnar: Right. Now off you go.

(Michael and Sophie leave the shop)

Note at this point you can roam around the town, but once you enter the tavern everything fades to black and then jumps to the next day

(At the edge of town)

Michael: So where should head first.

Sophie: Well there is the Dragon Shrine northeast of here.

Talik: Or the town of Linz, due north.

Brahm: We should just head for the Naga Caves northwest of here. The journey would be faster if we did not have to make so many side trips.

(The four head out and the village behind them vanishes.)

Talik: The town will be hidden by magic until we return, so their safety is guaranteed.

(The screen switches to the map screen--Reminiscent of Chrono Cross or Chrono Trigger)

Note the next section of script assumes that the player goes to the Naga Caves first, then the town and then the Dragon Shrine. There will be differences in the dialog at the Dragon Shrine and the town of Linz if the player goes to either place first.

(Naga Caves)

(Two human soldiers are standing before a closed iron gate)

Soldier 1: The Naga caves are off limits for the time being. If you really need to gain entrance to the caves you first have the Regent of Linz permission.

Soldier 2: I’m sorry we cannot let you pass beyond the gate. If you need to travel through the caves please take your case to the Regent of Linz.


(Just outside the town gates)

Brahm: I’m not going any further. I’ll wait at the town gates for the rest of you.

Talik: I’ll wait here with Brahm. I doubt that the townsfolk would be very receptive to faeries wandering the streets.

Michael: We will find the Regent and ask for his permission to enter the caves.

Sophie: This will be exciting. I’ve never really been outside the village before let alone in another town.

Talik: Be careful, but enjoy yourselves.

Brahm: And if you happen to go by a bakery, see if they have any Cinnamon buns left and please get us some.

Michael: Right.

(Michael and Sophie head into town)

Talik: I think they would have forgiven you by now.

Brahm: .....it is not their forgiveness I seek.

(Inside the town)

Michael: I think that we should probably sell the sword Gellnar gave us so that we can purchase supplies.

Sophie: Then maybe we should try and get something to eat before we get too hungry. Besides I’m curious to taste these cinnamon buns Brahm mentioned.

(Note: There are three places where the sword can be sold. The first is a local merchant that offers 30 silver pieces. The second is the captain of the Linz Brigade who offers 45 silver pieces. The third person is a traveling antique collector who offers 50 silver pieces. It does not matter to whom the sword is sold to.)


Sophie: Hi. Do you have any cinnamon buns left?

Lady: Sorry dear. I just sent the last batch over to the Wheat and Barley.

Sophie: The Wheat and Barley?

Lady: It’s the tavern at the west side of town.

Sophie: Thanks.

(Wheat and Barley Tavern)

Foreigner: What do you mean the passage to the Castle of Narvik is closed! How am I supposed to get home?

Barkeep: Even if you could get to Narvik the portal to Trogan is closed until further notice.

Foreigner: WHAT!!!

Waitress: Excuse me but your lunch has been served.

Foreigner: Hmm...Thank you.

(The foreigner goes and sits at a table)

Sophie: Hi. The lady at the bakery said that the last batch of cinnamon buns was sent here. Is it possible to purchase some?

Barkeep: Well they where supposed to be reserved for the foreigner over there, but they have not been paid for yet. How much are you going to offer me?

(You can offer anywhere between 1-10 silver pieces, but he will let them go for 5 silver)

Sophie: Thanks.

(At the foreigner’s table)

Foreigner: Hey those were saved for me, but I actually am out of money and with the passage to Narvik closed I can’t return home.

Michael: Um maybe we can help.

(Pulls Sophie aside)

Michael: What do you think Sophie? Should we lend him some money?

Sophie: I don’t know. Brahm would say not to, but Talik says to help people out if you can. Do what your heart tells you to do.

(Note to give the foreigner money is optional)

(No option)

Michael: Um...I’m sorry for your situation but I don’t think we can help.

Foreigner: I understand. Please allow me to have my last cooked meal in peace then.

(Yes Option)

Michael: Perhaps we could lend you some money.

Foreigner: REALLY!! Thanks...10 silver should be enough. Listen before I left home somebody calling themselves the Child of Magic showed up demanding some relic. Both the lord I serve and his rival are in dispute about what to do. I fear the fragile peace we have fought so hard to create will be shattered because of this.

Sorry for such depressing news. I will return the favor someday. May the White Tiger protect you.

Michael: Thank you. Er..May the White Tiger protect you as well.

(Anna’s old house)

Terrel: I used to have an older sister, but she fell in love with a faerie. Some of the townsfolk did not accept this and tried to murder the faerie, but my sister saved him and they took off into the forest. Later when my sister turned up dead all the townsfolk blamed this on her faerie lover. I don’t believe that he would do such a thing, but still... I wish that he would come and tell me how Anna died. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I told you all that. Thanks for listening. Well I have to get to work now. Oh and if you ever want your portrait painted I’m the person to see.

(The man heads upstairs)

(If you talk to him again)

Terell: Sorry. I can’t talk now. I must finish this still life I’ve been working on. Please stop by later.

(Regent’s Home)

Regent’s Wife: If you are looking my husband, he is praying at the Dragon Shrine. It seems that he has been going there a lot more lately, but it is just because he really believes that Ryujin will give him the knowledge to bring our people through this crisis.

(Note: She is referring to the food shortage, that other NPC townsfolk have mentioned or will once the secondary NPC script is written---As of 2006 this script has not been written)

(Just outside the town gates-Part II)

Talik: Did you get the Regent’s permission to enter the Naga Caves?

Michael: He was not home. His wife said that he was at the Dragon Shrine.

Sophie: And we managed to get 5 cinnamon buns.

Brahm: Excellent!

Talik: To the Dragon Shrine then.

(The Dragon Shrine)

Talik: Excuse me, but would you happen to be the Regent of Linz?

Regent: Yes, I’m Balco, Regent of Linz.

You’re a faerie!! What do you want with me?

Talik: We need your permission to allow us to pass through the caves to Narvik. Will you give it to us?

Balco: I’m sorry I cannot let you enter the caves. How do I know that you will not join forces with the Nagas and bring ruin to Linz?

Voice: Help me...H...e...l...p...

(Everyone turns to see a Naga collapse on the ground beside them. Sophie rushes down to help the creature. The priest comes out to see what all the noise is and rushes to help Sophie.)

Balco: Wait!! Don’t help it. They are the reason why my town is suffering!!!

(He tries to interfere, but Michael and Brahm block his way.)

(Fades to a black screen with the words: Some time later....)

Naga: Where am I?

Sophie: You’re at the Dragon Shrine. How do you feel?

Naga: Better...DRAGON SHRINE!!! I must see the priest immediately!

Sophie: Wait here. I’ll go get him.

Naga: There is little time. Take me to him.

(Sophie and the Naga head out)

(Another part of the Dragon Shrine)

Priest: Balco you are been unreasonable. Forbidding access to the Naga Caves is more damaging to Linz than the Nagas.

Talik: I agree. In the 290 years that I have lived, no Naga has ever harmed anyone. They are one of the most benevolent races I’ve ever met.

Balco: Then how do you explain what is happening to our farmland around Linz.

Michael: I vaguely recall that over farming can exhaust the land making it infertile.

Balco: Over farming...what nonsense.

Brahm: Will you give us access to the caves or not. Your town’s problems are none of our concern.

Balco: If your lover was still alive you’d be singing a different song. You’d be on our side.

Brahm: HOW DARE YOU....

Talik: Brahm calm down, we are in a holy shrine.

Priest: This bickering will get us nowhere.


(Everyone turns to see the Naga followed by Sophie)

Sessha: My name is Sessha, descendant of the Naga the White Serpent. I rule the Naga and have come to beg for help. My people have been cursed by a being calling himself the Child of Magic. They have gone mad. Fighting among each other, attack travelers in the caves...even destroying fertile land.

Balco: I knew it.

Michael: Pipe down.

Priest: How is it that you were not effected by this curse?

Sessha: I was left to spread word of this to others. To inform them of what happens when they turn against the Child of Magic.

Talik: I see. Do you believe that this sorcerer you spoke to is the Child of Magic?

Sessha: That being was not the Child of Magic.

Michael: Excuse me, but you keep saying that “being”. Could you please tell us what he looked like?

Sessha: I cannot. We are blind to sight as you know it. We see only in images of hot and cold, light and dark. I am looking for Faerie known as Gens the Curse Breaker. Do you know him?

Talik: Gens? Gens was my great grandfather. He has long since passed away. I am Talik, his descendant.

Sessha: Talik...I understand. Will you help save my people?

Talik: On one condition. Repair the land around Linz, so that the humans there will not suffer.

Sessha: Once my people are free we shall use all our power to atone for our mistakes.

Balco: How do I know that you will keep up your end of the deal? Even if you did winter is almost upon us.

Sessha: Take this horn. It will provide enough food for your people for the winter.

(Balco takes the horn)

Balco: Thank you...I...

Brahm: We should head off, if we are to help your people before things get worse.

Sessha: Please follow me. Thank you priest for helping cure my wounds.

Priest: You are welcome Sessha. Feel free to drop by again if you are ever in need.

(Sessha and group depart)

(The screen switches to the map screen. The only place that can be reached is the Naga Caves)

(Naga Caves)

Sessha: Hmm...the two guards are gone...I wonder...No matter. This way everybody.

(Half way through the Naga Caves)

(Everyone stops as we hear a rumbling noise)

Michael: Was that an earthquake?

Talik: No, it seemed much closer.

(A Noodlin monster appears with a roar)

Sessha: What!!! I am afraid that we will have to fight the creature.

(After the battle with the Noodlin monster)

Sessha: What are my people thinking?

Sophie: Did anybody get hurt?

Brahm: Nope.

Talik: Still in one piece.

Michael: I’m fine. What was that thing?

Sessha: They are called Noodlin. My people create them from the earth and use them to help heal the land. They must have fallen even deeper into madness to begin using the Noodlin as weapons.

Sophie: I’m sure Talik will be able to lift the curse.

Sessha: Yes...we should continue on. There is a small shrine up ahead where we all can rest for the night.

(At the shrine)

Sessha: I’ll take the first watch.

Talik: I’ll join you. Brahm and Michael take the second watch.

Sophie: What should I do?

Talik: Get some rest. I’ll need you at full strength tomorrow to help me break the curse and treat any wounded.

Sophie: Good night then.

(Fade to Black)

(Brahm’s second dream)

Brahm: They will never find us here.

Anna: Brahm you must rest and let me patch up your wounds.

Brahm: Soon as I am sure that you are safe. I’ll never let them harm you.

(Brahm awakens to see Sophie holding Michael’s hand while they sleep)

Talik: Do you mind taking the second watch alone? They need their rest.

Brahm: Let them sleep. He would be of little use anyway.

Talik: Do not underestimate him Brahm. He has much potential. They all do. Well, good night then.

(Talik goes and lies down)

Brahm: Hmph. Murdering their own kind...is that potential?

(In the morning)

Sessha: Did everyone sleep well?

Good. We should depart soon.

(Just before the Naga Town)

Sessha: We need a disguise. The Nagas would never allow you to roam freely as you are now, unless I escorted you as my prisoners. But even then I could only take you as far as the jail, where you would most likely be executed.

Michael: Hmm. A disguise.

Talik: I don’t think an illusion spell would work because it only mask our physical forms.

Michael: Hmm...light and dark magic make metamorphis magic...

Brahm: We risk the chance of being executed, unless, Talik what if we combine our magic and put them all to sleep.

Sessha: A good thought but we are immune to that type of magic, because we do not sleep only meditate.

Michael: H..E..N..K..A.....of course.

Sophie: What if we pretend to be cursed like the other nagas. Perhaps we can fool them into thinking that we are on their side.

Sessha: That would work if you all were nagas.

Michael: Then we shall all be Nagas....


(Michael transforms the party into Nagas)

Brahm: Transformation magic!!! Where did you learn this?

Talik: Not now Brahm. He needs to focus on the spell.

Sessha: Incredible. Such power.

(Two other Nagas approach)

Naga: What do you want?

Sessha: We are here to join you and place an offering for the Child of Magic at the statue of Naga the White Serpent.

Naga: Proceed.

(At the statue)

Talik: There is something wrong here.

Michael: Aaahh...I don’t think I can keep this up.

(The spell fades)

Statue: Fresh minds....

Talik: Watch out something is coming!!

(A creature appears from the statue)

Talik: A Mahr! Be on guard everyone. The Mahr can be extremely vicious.

(After the battle with the Mahr the spell is broken)

Sessha: Thank you Talik, everyone. We owe you all an incredible debt. There will be a feast tonight in your honour. Please use the home on your left to rest up for this evening. I will be along later once everything is ready.

Talik: Thank you Sessha.

(Note at this point you can roam around the small village)

(Inside the small home)

Brahm: So Michael you’ve been holding out on us.

Sophie: What are you talking about Brahm?

Brahm: Only someone with years of study and incredible power could have pulled off a spell like that, yet you say that you have no knowledge of magic or memory of your past.

Talik: I am also curious as to how you managed that spell.

Michael: I thought about what you said in class and I heard a voice in my head. It was my voice and it told me how use the metamorphic magic.

Brahm: A voice in your head told you! HMPH. How stupid do you think we are?

Sophie: Enough Brahm. I believe you Michael.

Brahm: You don’t get it. Only top members of the Council of Mages have this level of power and it would have taken all of them to pull off what you did! Just what are you?

Michael: I don’t know.

Brahm: Enough of this. I’m going for a walk.

(Brahm leaves)

Talik: He is right. Nobody has ever done something like this before.

Sophie: What are you saying?

Talik: Nothing. You two rest up. I am going to help Sessha.

(Talik leaves)

Sophie: Pay no attention to Brahm. HE is just jealous because he has yet to master metamorphis magic. He has been trying for as long as I can remember. (Giggle) Once he tried to transform into a rock, but it only half worked.

Michael: What do you mean it only half worked?

Sophie: Well. (Giggle) He only managed to transform his head into a rock. So there he was walking...well not really walking...more like sitting with arms and legs and everything but a rock instead of his head.

Michael: That would have been something to see.

Sophie: Oh it was. For years after whenever Brahm gave someone too hard time about using their magic properly we would remind him about it and it would usually shut him up. He has always been jealous of people who mastered magic easily because it was so hard for him.

Michael: I’ll try and remember that. Can you do metamorphis magic?

Sophie: Nope. I have never attempted it.

Michael: Would you like me to teach you? It’s easy. Just think about what you want to transform into and say the word: henka. Watch I’ll transform into a cat....Henka.

Sophie: Umm nothing happened. Do you really know what you are doing?

Michael: It seemed easier when I did it before.

Sophie: I think the feast is starting. Come on.

(Michael and Sophie leave)

(Black screen)

That night there was a large feast and everyone ate, and talked long into the night. Then a new day dawned.

(Fade in. A cave with Sessha and the others)

Sessha: Thank you everyone for saving my people. If you follow the caves to the left you will eventually come out near the Castletown of Narvik.

Talik: You’re welcome Sessha. If you ever need my help again send a message to the Dragon Shrine. The priest there will make sure I receive it.

Sessha: Until we meet again.

(Sessha exits to the right)

(After exiting the cave the screen reverts to the map, where you can then walk to the Castletown of Narvik)

(Gates of Narvik)

Talik: I will go and speak to Baron Narvik about access to the portal to Trogan. I doubt that we will be granted access until the morning, so while you two look around Brahm will find us some lodgings for the evening.

Brahm: I’ll meet everyone back here in a few hours.

Talik: Good. I’ll be back soon.

(Talik heads off)

Brahm: Stay out of trouble Sophie.

(Brahm leaves)

(Note at this time you can roam around the town, but cannot enter the castle yet. After about 5 min. Brahm appears near the town gate. Speak to him to continue on.)

Brahm: Did you have a nice time?

Michael: Yeah we had fun. Did you know that there is a magic contest being held here?

(Talik returns)

Talik: That magic contest might be the only way. I’ll explain once we have eaten and rested. Brahm did you find us a place to stay?

Brahm: Yes. Follow me.

(Screen fades to black)

(Screen fades to rooms in the Inn)

Talik: It seems that the Baron has limited access to the portal due to the impending war on Trogan.

Michael: War...Why?

Talik: Rumour has it that the Child of Magic has appeared and threatened to wipe out any that do not cooperate with him.

Sophie: This can’t be true. Michael is the Child of Magic.

Brahm: We do not yet know who or what Michael is, but I doubt that the real Child of Magic would put people to death for refusing to cooperate. How does the magic competition help us?

Talik: The winner is granted one request by the Baron. The question is who should enter.

Brahm: It should be you, Talik.

Michael: I agree. You have the most knowledge in this area.

Talik: I cannot compete. No member of the Council of Mages may compete in any magical competition, other than competitions within the council, as it would give me an unfair advantage.

Sophie: What about Michael? I think he could win.

Michael: I’m not so sure about this.

Talik: Relax. I will go over everything you need to know tomorrow. Besides the first key to performing acts of magic is self-confidence. I am going to my room to prepare for tomorrow. I suggest the rest of you do the same.

(Talik leaves)

Sophie: Good night Michael, good night Brahm.

Michael: Good night Sophie.

(Sophie leaves)

(Brahm and Michael get into their beds)

Michael: What is it about me that you dislike so much?

Brahm: ....What are your intentions towards Sophie?

Michael: I don’t know how to answer that.

Brahm: Then I cannot answer your question.

(Fade out)

(Fade in)

(Talik, Michael Sophie and Brahm are in the tavern eating)

Talik: After breakfast Michael and I will begin training. I want you and Sophie to go register him. If there are any problems please come and get me and I will straighten them out.

(They finish eating)

Brahm: Shall we go?

(The registration office in the castle)

Officer: Name of applicant?

Sophie: Michael Grenin.

Officer: Gender...well that’s obvious. Hometown?

Sophie: Um...We don’t...

Brahm: Zwolle. It’s a small mountain town. Very remote.

Officer: Never heard of it. All right. The registration fee comes to one hundred silver pieces.


Sophie: Calm down Brahm. We don’t have that much money. Will you accept these faerie made daggers instead?

Officer: Well...let me see...

Brahm: What are you doing Sophie? Those were a gift from me.

Sophie: Well we need to get Michael into the tournament somehow.

(A lady appears)

Lady: What seems to be the hold up. The line is backed up to the castle gate?

Officer: They don’t have enough money to register but are offering these faerie daggers in place of the fee.

Lady: Which one of you plans on participating?

Sophie: Actually it is my friend, Michael Grenin.

Lady: I see....I will sponsor his entry into the tournament. Keep your daggers.

Brahm: Thank you M’lady. We are in your debt.

Lady: You are welcome. Officer as you are doing an inefficient job I am replacing you at the registration desk. Go do something else.

(Brahm and Sophie start to leave)

Sophie: I wonder who that lady was? And how she knows Michael?

Brahm: I don’t know.

(Brahm and Sophie pass a man in a golden cape as they leave the castle)

(Fade to black)

(Fade in to Brahm and Sophie walking through the streets)

Sophie: Do you remember when you gave me this pendant?

Brahm: Yeah. You were five. It was a gift passed down to me from my grandfather.

Sophie: I’m going to give it Michael tomorrow.

Brahm: .....really....

Sophie: I like him Brahm. I’ve never felt this way before.

Brahm: Do not give your heart to him Sophie. He is not worthy of it.

Sophie: I knew you would not understand.

Brahm: I understand all to well, but he will not return your feelings.

Sophie: I don’t believe you. You’re saying that because you don’t like him. Just leave me alone.

(Sophie runs off)

Brahm: Sophie wait....

(Fade to Black)

(Black Screen)

Then the day of the magic tournament arrived....

(Fade in on Brahm and Michael’s room)

Brahm: So are you ready?

Michael: I guess so.

Brahm: Whatever you do don’t try and transform into a rock. It’s not as easy as it seems. Now get going and do not mess this up.

(Talik enters)

Talik: Are you ready?

Michael: Yes.

Talik: Good. Brahm are you coming with us?

Brahm: I’ll be along in a little while.

Talik: We will save you a seat.

(Talik and Michael leave)

(Note at this point you control Brahm and can explore the town)

(Outside the castle gates)

(A man in a golden coloured cape is attacking an old man)

????: Give me the section of the mural that you have finished repairing.

Old man: No. I will not give it to you.

????: Give it to me or else.

Old man: No.

(???? attacks the old man and takes the piece of the mural from him)

Brahm: What do you think you are doing?

????: I have no time for this.

(???? disappears)

(Brahm goes to the old man)

Brahm: Hey are you hurt?

Old man: He took the piece of mural from me. You must stop him.

Brahm: Why don’t you just make another piece to replace the one you lost?

Old man: The mural protects the treasure that was given to us by the Gods. I cannot just make another piece. Now that man calling himself the Child of Magic has it.

Brahm: Child of Magic.....all right I’ll help you.

Old man: Good. Once the competition starts head to the library for there is another piece is there. Then head down to the dungeon and find the piece there and check on the treasure.

Brahm: And what are you going to do?

Old man: Watch the competition of course. Did you think an old man like me would be able to keep up with the likes of you youngsters?

Brahm: I’ll do my best.

(Brahm leaves and the screen fades to black)

(Fade in on the Arena Waiting room)

Sophie: Michael...um...here. This will bring you good fortune.

Michael: Wow! It’s beautiful. Thank you.

(Michael hugs Sophie)

Sophie: Relax. You will do fine.

Michael: Until later then.

(Sophie leaves)

(Fades to black)

(Fades in on the arena)

(A lady approaches the middle of the arena)

Lady: I am Lady Nassis and speaker for Tiamat. I welcome you all to the first magic competition to be held in Narvik. There are two other judges besides myself, who will be presiding over this event.

Now will the contestants please step forth.

(All eight contestants step forth)

Nassis: The first round will be between Gretchen Flowerdain and Casio Heelspar. The other contestants will step back.

(The other contestants step back)

(Nassis teleports to her floating chair above the arena)

Nassis: Begin.

(The two wizards begin to move about)

(The camera moves down to reveal Brahm, Talik and Sophie sitting and watching the match)

Brahm: I’ll be back in a little while.

Sophie: You won’t even stay to seem him compete.

Brahm: I will try to be back in time to see Michael.

Talik: What’s wrong?

Brahm: Nothing. I need to check something out.

Talik: Well hurry back.

(At this point you can control Brahm)

(In the castle library)

Scholar: You are the second person to ask me about the mural. I already gave it to a guy in a golden cape. Now go away I have work to do.

(Note--You can read some of the books in the library)

(Brahm enters the dungeon)

????: You are very persistent. Let us see who can find the remaining piece of the mural and get to the treasure first.

(???? flies/glides off)

(At the second level of the dungeon)

????: I did not think that you would make it this far. Let us see how you do in the dark.....

(The lights torches go out. Brahm uses a spell illuminating a small area around him.)

(At the third level of the dungeon)

(If you have not found the other piece of the mural)

Brahm: Hmm. So this is where the mural is put together. The other piece should be around here somewhere.

(Once you have the final piece of the mural)

(???? shows up)

????: I see that you gathered the last piece of the mural for me.

Brahm: And why would I give in to a bully like you?

????: Bully...hahahahaha that is sweet. It is safe to assume that Anna did not tell you about me. If you are truly with us give me your piece.

Brahm: You know about Anna? I have yet to decide what I’m going to do, but the old man said to check on the treasure. We’ll enter together.

????: Fair enough.

(Brahm puts his mural pieces together. ???? adds his piece a portal opens. The two enter.)

(Brahm and the mysterious man appear in a new room that is covered in dust. There is a pedestal in the center with what looks like a piece of a staff resting on it)

Brahm: There does not seem to be much here.

(Brahm walks past the pedestal)

Brahm: There is nothing here.

????: Good...I mean how odd to have a strong spell protecting an empty room. I suggest that we head back before the portal closes.

Brahm: Right.

(Brahm heads out. ???? swipes the section of the broken staff and switches it with a fake before leaving)

????: Well I’ll be going now. Before you decide to join us or not please hear us out. Our base is west of the fortress of Ishinwa, on Trogan. If Anna thought that you would be a help to our cause then I will not force you to help us. Our leader the Child of Magic will fill you in on the details. You can make your decision then.

(???? vanishes)

Brahm: I thought that...shakes his head.

(The old man appears along with Lady Nassis)

Old man: I see you managed to restore the mural.

Lady Nassis: What did you see in there?

Brahm: Nothing. There was nothing in there except dust. M’Lady why are you down here? Are you not supposed to be judging the competition?

Lady Nassis: I speak for Tiamat. She told me to come here. Who am I to question the Goddess, but then you don’t seem to believe in either Tiamat or Ryujin.

Brahm: Why believe in either of them, when they can’t grant even one request.

Old Man: This is not the place or time to start or have this discussion. Michael Grenin is about to enter the final round of the competition. I suggest that we go and watch.

Brahm: HMPH! It must be luck. How else could he have done it. Come on old man. I’ll buy you a drink if he wins.

Old Man: Sounds like fun.

(Brahm and the old man leave)

(Fades to black)

(Fade back in on the arena)

Nassis: The final round of the competition will commence. Michael Grenin step forward.

(Michael steps forward)

Nassis: Your opponent will be Herbert of Downsfield.

(Herbert steps forward)

Nassis: This round will demonstrate your knowledge of creatures on land, in the water and in the air. The superior creatures will allow you to win the battle. Begin!

(The screen changes to a close up of Herbert and Michael)

(Herbert transforms into a carp)

(Michael transforms into an otter)

(Herbert transforms into a deer)

(Michael transforms into a wolf)

(Herbert transforms into a quail)

(Michael transforms into a falcon)

(Fades back to the arena)

Lady Nassis: After a careful tally and speaking to the other judges, I am glad to announce that the winner is Michael Grenin. In the morning you will meet the Baron and have your request granted.

Lady Nassis: Herbert as runner up, your trip home will be paid for by the Council of Mages and you also shall receive a small monetary prize.

(The crowd cheers.)

(Fades to black)

Later that evening in the tavern....

(Fades in on the tavern)

Sophie: You were incredible out there Michael.

Talik: I was really impressed that you took so much away from my teaching in such a short time. I’m to old for all this partying and am going to get some rest.

Michael: Thanks. I am still amazed that I survived.

(Talik leaves)

(Brahm enters followed by an old man)

Old man: Quite a wonderful performance. I have not had this much fun in ages.

Michael: Thanks.

Brahm: Far better than I expected...but still nothing to write home about.

Sophie: Brahm...err..I’d like you to...

Old man: Some people are hard to impress that’s all young lady. Brahm is it, you owe me a drink.

Brahm: Yeah. I could use a drink.

(Fade to black)

The night passed quickly as many people celebrated the end of the magic competition. In the morning Michael and his companions where presented to the Baron of Narvik.

(Fade to the Baron’s throne room)

Baron: Welcome Michael. Your skill and wit has brought you here. Congratulations. Now what is your request?

Michael: Thank you for your kind words Baron. My companions and I are in a great hurry to get to Trogan. Will you allow us access to the portal?

Baron: I will allow this, but this portal will be inaccessible on your return trip. I’ve heard that a war is brewing on the other worlds, so I’m planning to seal the portal to protect everyone. There is no point in being pulled into a war that is so far away. Please head to the portal room in the Eastern tower.

Michael: Your help is appreciated.

(Michael bows and he and his companions head to the portal)

(Portal room)

Man: Please step into the middle of the circle.

(Michael, Sophie, Talik and Brahm enter into the circle)

(The circle begins to glow and emit a white light which washes over the screen)

Chapter 1 Ends

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Very nice indeed. 🙂

Hmm... I'm surprised I didn't notice this thread sooner. But yah it's a bit confusing at times and I think there might need to be some brakes in the plot so you can level up your character but over all it's good and I hope Cold Stone is fixed so you can complete it.

Yeah, I thought this was very good. It seems very in depth, which is important for a game.

One suggestion I have is to integrate the player into the main story a little more. For instance, when you reach Naga Caves for the first time and talk to the soldiers. Instead of a cut-scene have the player walk up and speak to the soldiers. This makes the player feel more like a part of the story, rather than reading/watching a story.

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