Hi. My name is David. I have been away from the forum for several years now since I put my computer game on hold and have popped in from time to time, hoping that the long awaited update would be completed. I understand that updating something like Coldstone is a big undertaking, and I also understand that from a business point of view that it can be a big drain on finances, but, over the years I have looked to find something as powerful and easy to use so that my computer game could continue, and have found nothing that matches Coldstone. I'm not a programmer, or an artist (although I am learning), or in some areas not even considered computer savy (having just figured out how to change my desktop image in OS X), but I do fancy myself a writer. I wrote a 200 page script that I planned to bring to life using Coldstone, some of which has been posted on the forums, and a complete copy was send to Stark for review and criticism (which if you are reading this Stark, I would still like your review). In the new year I will start by posting the whole script in chunks so that the Coldstone community will get to experience my game, and since my script was written in 2003 (and not properly edited they will also get to experience my bad spelling and grammer).

I am planning on writing a script for a new game, which by the time the script is finished, if we are lucky will coinside with a release of a Coldstone update...so I say 2010, partly because I write slowly, and partly because I still have a backlog of books I want to read from last Christmas 🙂

Anyway I just want to annouce that I am back and thank the Ambrosia staff for not giving up on Coldstone and its forum members.

I wish you all a Happy Christmas, or Happy Holiday of your choice.

See you in the New Year.


David Lein