Not on some...

How come Coldstone always crashes after a few seconds for me (on my newer computer, it works fine, but really slow on my older computer), but not on some other people's? And also why it works fine on my older computer?

After the release of OS X.4, coldstone stopped working. Any newer system than that will not run it. This is probably why it worked on your older computer. Coldstone has a bug. If you run it in Classic however, it works fine. So if you can, run it in classic. If not, you will have to use your old computer.

And incase you are wondering, Ambrosia has said they are working on an update, but it is slow and monotonous. They havn't given us any new information for some time. So we are hoping that they will release it soon, but until then, it works fine on OS 9.

I don't have Tiger, I only have an iMac G4 with Panther (w/classic) and a very old PowerMac with OS 8.

@pixor, on Jun 20 2006, 08:47 PM, said in Crashing?:

After the release of OS X.4, coldstone stopped working.

Correcion: x.3. Use classic and it should work fine, Buzzy.

oh sorry, my bad, I thought it was after 10.3, but its 10.3 and up. lol gotcha. either way, classic is the way to go.


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