Using the Art Lib on an open-source online rpg

I'd like to use the some of the Coldstone Art Lib on an open-source online RPG that I am helping out with. I am a registered user of coldstone. I looked through the licence file on the CD and it doesn't say anything about the Art Lib - just coldstone in general. Since it's your copyright I thought I'd ask permission.

The RPG is at for the moment but that isn't permanent. It will probably be GPL but the images don't have to be included in that licence. If you do allow permission you will get full credit.

Thanks 🙂

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Hello ATG,

As far as I know, Ambrosia never read this forum so you might want to send them an e-mail about it instead.

Hi ATG. Welcome to the boards.

Ledorax is correct on the point concerning ASW personal. There is a poor chance that anyone with any authority is going to see your post here. The original copyright belongs (belonged?) to Beenox and not AmbrosiaSW. Since the Beenox company has, itself, been sold, it is a good question as to who now owns the rights to the graphic material. You can be assured, however, that somebody does indeed own it.

Unfortunately, no one normally on this forum can help you.

Really, wow thats really... odd.

I'll just send an email 🙂

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