Black Seas help!

When ever I try to play the black seas plug, about level 4 an error message comes up about not recognizing a srpite, or something like that. Is that a Hera bug, or is that just me, cause I've re-downloaded it, but it does the same thing every time. Could someone who is familiar with Hera please tell me a step by step way to fix the problem, because I have no idea how to use Hera. Thanks

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The problem you are referring to is inherent in the plugin. The Whitenite or whatever it's called is a flawed sprite. Short of replacing it with a more reliable one, there is nothing you can do. I suggest you go and download Ishiman and Earth Quest.

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go into Hera, open Black Seas and find the Whitenite in the Edit Objects list. Click on it and then click on the rotation resolution and change it from 15 to 10. Then close all the windows and go to the Edit Scenarios list. Choose chapter 8, Long Live The UEC. Then click on Edit Scenario Conditions and then choose Sequence. Set it so that the next level is 12, not -1. That fixes the sprite and unlocks all 15 levels.

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To get Ares 1.2.0b6(for plugins) go to: