Ares, last mission

So, you after you blow up that really big green ship with a couple re-directed asteroids, then what? A few other carriers jump in and chase me around and there is no way I could possibly kill them myself. I tried to ram a few asteroids into them too, but they followed me too closely and shot down the asteroids anyways. Is there something I'm missing here? It says the mission goal is just to destroy the gate ship...

Nope, you must destroy all enemy ships. Here are two techniques that'll both work:

1-Fly through the asteroid field at warp while weaving around asteroids. Since you are more maneuverable than the carriers that are chasing you, they'll crash into the asteroids. Takes a bunch of skill, but it's doable.

2-Fly around your enemies and pummel them from afar with your Onas Pulse Gun, and watch out for Concussion Missiles, Fighters, and cloaked Heavy Cruisers. Once again, takes skill, but doable.

Hope that helps.

-Captain Carnotaur

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Yeah, as hard as it is to believe you do have to kill them all by yourself. I don't know about that asteroid thing, I say just pound them. The easiest way is like he said, fly by them and fire unto the crowd. If you see a cruiser alone take advantage of it and kill him before the others come to help. The biggest danger in that strategy is that you frequintly run into the smaller ships like fighters and you don't want to get caught in that crossfire. I'd say the fighters are, in a way, more dangerous than the carriers. Good luck.