Strategy Vs. Fighting

Poll: Which do you find more fun: (8 member(s) have cast votes)
Which do you find more fun:
A) a game that is mostly strategy and clues (such as Myst)
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B) a game that is full of fast paced real time battling (PoG)
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C) a mix of each where you figure things out, but fight in between
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I was just wondering, because my idea was to make a game just like choice C. It would be like an overhead game just like PoG, but when you activate things it would be a main location pict. That way you could do things just like Myst, but it would also have overhead action. I thought it was a good idea but my friend thought people wouldnt like it. He says different people like the different types of games and that no one would like a combination. So thats my question, would u?

I'd like it I think. I'd tell your friend to look at Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. The puzzles there aren't overhead puzzles, but in-game puzzles, though. Loads of fun. 🙂

This might be an interesting combination. Unless you make the puzzles ridiculously hard, they will surely appeal to most RPG players. Role-playing games usually have a few puzzles in them anyhow. Just don't overdo it, give them a few puzzles to solve every now and then but don't throw them in their face all the time. Have to give them some time to explore, too. 🙂

I personly like plot puzzles (puzzles that you unfold through carefuly examinin the plot in a game, like the first myst game with the torn in half paper). A good puzzle is having the player have to not leave one stone un turned but also alowing them to make mistakes, and try again. If that makes any sense to you. 🙂