Base Statistics

what sets them?

OK, I have a game, and I wanted the character to start out w/ certain stats. I can't find where to do that.... I used a Fantasy Template to start just so that I wouldn't have to make the essencial events and such myself. Now when I start a game, he starts out w/ random stats and I can't figure out how to change them.. There are no classes and no races, and nothing else I could think of can change that. I guess I could just add modify atributes actions to the Main event, but I didn't want to do that.. I wanted to know what I was doing.

Sorry I keep asking so many questions... 🙂

Pixor, on Jul 30 2005, 07:09 PM, said:

Sorry I keep asking so many questions... 🙂
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Hey, that's what this forum is all about. Don't be sorry, this is the most activity we've had here in a month or so. 😄

This one's easy. In the first event which places the player on the map, use attribute wizard to set the stats at whatever you want him to have.

Yeah thats what I was gonna do, but even without doing it he still had stats, I was just wonderin where those came from.. o well, I'll just do atribute wizards.

The engine sets them to random values at the start of the game, the only way to change them, as mentioned, is to use the attribute wizard.