Using movies?

I'm baffled.

I placed a Quicktime movie in the "Movies" folder of my project and want it to play at a given point. However, I can't figure out how to call it. There is no "play movie" in the task list for an event and no other way I have found to tell Coldstone to run the movie. Does any of you have experience with this? Or do we have a bug here?

Two movies play in PoG, one for the Learning Tree and the other for the boat ride to Reef's Island. How did they make them work?

you use dialoge and then you click movies in the tab to the left of where you type.

You call movies through the dialoug event. In the upper left corner there are two options, picture and movie. Click on the movie button and select the movie you want from the list. That should do quite nicely.

If that doesn't work then there is a bug, but I see no reason it would do this.

I hope that helps!

Edit: Blast it gamingstaff! You got there before me! 😄

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Thanks to both of you for your minute apart posts. It certainly isn't what I would expect. I'll give it a try. 🙂 ~RD