Is it possible to make a game like the classic arcade game Pong in coldstone? I wouldn't know how to make the ball bounce off of the sides and the character.

For a second question, how would I make it so that a like, letter of the alphabet comes up on the screen picture, it checks to see if you pressed the letter a down, and if you didn't in a certain amount of time, or if you pressed anything else, you lose.

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I made pong with a something-basic tutorial (there are so many "basic" apps and I have no idea what it was called). So it would probably be easier to do it with that than with coldstone.

And the letter... just make a local keydown in the location with the letter. If you use a map with an aniamtion, you can have it be time.

um, elaborate? You didn't really say "how" to do it, just what to do.

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