Player settings

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I REALLY need to know how to set where the player starts of in the game!
If ANYONE has any answer PLEASE help me!

Your first post is the best post I have ever read.

To answer to question in your second post: easily done. Make a map, hold your mouse over the place where you wish for the player to start, look in the lower left corner, there is a thing saying "Tile:". Memorize those numbers (or write them down). Then, in the "Main" event, add a "map position" (if you use the medieval game, just change it). And enter the numbers. Then, chance (or add) the/a "teleport" event, which teleports you to your map. You need to make a new location of the type "map" first, and save it with the same name as your map.

Good luck 🙂

Yah, except I think using the tutorial to memorize all the steps to getting to your first map instead of using the medieval game... Just they way I think is faster if you want to. Go to http://www.ambrosias...oldstone/addons then under Newest Guides, click a small tutorial.