Coldstone Webboard

Hey, I need some help finishing them up *and I hope that this is the right thing to post in the right forum, I am such a stickler about that :mellow: * But I made some coldstone webboards for coldstoners that want to get questions answered, they can either go here or at my boards or post at both and see which post gets answered first. These aren't stealing any ambrosia ideas just to let you mods and admin know, I have just added forums where people can ask questions about coldstone only with the exception of POG because everybody loves POG me being a huge coldstone fan. Anywho, tell me if this is not the right place to post this *sigh.

I don't know if any of you even care =P, but it's just another option.

This has been done before, and this board is more than enough, I'll admit that 😛 .

Edit: try again when the update is released.

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I'd have to ask, gamingstaff, why you think the questions don't get answered here. And also why you feel there is a need to duplicate effort. It's true that the community is small right now as many are patiently waiting for the update. Dividing the community further seems to me to be counter-productive.

I won't disallow your link because it falls within the guidelines as long as it does not contain anti-ASW material, but I think it's a waste of time on your part. ~RD

Well, it wasn't a waste of time, I make forums in about 30 minutes =P, so I spent like 1/100000000000000 of my life on it. And the community is small, which you listed, and if they post in both forums at once, they will get their answer quicker. Let me put it into example.

Your in a hotel, and you come up to an elevator. You wait about 5 minutes for it to come up, and you go down. A month later you happen to come the the same hotel except they installed a second elevator, so you press the buttons for both at once.

One will come quicker than the other. It just depends on which one.

That's a good plan in theory, but I'll wager that it will not spread information any faster.

at least you got a chance to learn how to admin and set up invision board software. It is primarily a waste of time unless the official board fails to offer some necessary or desirable extraneous service. And, at this point there are really only around 10 regular members, watching and waiting for an update, exercising our intellect on the occasional question. I facilitated the coldstone showcase, a game dev. contest...i'm not even considering running another one until the update takes place. Again, if you want to experience some level of success or participation...wait.

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Get a chance to learn invision? lol, I have been on it for years and years, since I was 9 I think =P. And the reason I made it in the first place was because not many ppl came and answered questions one question i had never did get answered, so I made my own coldstone boards to see if it would help.

I don't think there is any need for another Coldstone board, at least at the moment.

I myself am quite content with just this board,
but the the saying "it is the thought that counts" comes to mind...