Detailed Animation

Two questions about graphical details

Ok. Two questions here;

1. Would it be possible to make an "idle" animation for the player character? Like, looking around when standing still.

2. What would be the best way to make a death animation for a monster? I've used items, but they just block the path and look awful anyway.

Well, that's about it. Thanks in advance for any help 🙂

Best way to make death animations is to use stamps, though it's still not fantastic.

I can see ide animations happening. It would probably involve having two seperate animation files, one the normal hero animation, the other the idle hero animation. The default would be the idle animation, and then whenever the player moves switch to the normal one.

Not sure if it'll work, just speculation.

If you un-check the "Block" box in the "Display" tab of your item, it won't block the player or other NPCs. I think items would probably be the best way to go...

Making a idle animation would be simple. you just need to have a standing frame with a event linked to it that does to things: set a global, say, "gb_Standing?" to 1 and set the player animation to "Standing NE" or whatever dierection you happen to be facing when you stop. Then, every time you press a arrow key to move, it links to a event that checks if "gb_Standing?" is 1. If it is, then it changes the player animation to your walking animation and sets the global to 0 again. I think this would work, but it would make mouse movement users get to fly around as a standing guy and have 0 attack delay.

Wow. This actually got posted. Had some trouble with the internet last night and thought it woulnd't work 😛 .

Anyways, thanks for the help but I guess I'll just have to do as everyone else. Even if I can add a stamp to an enemy's death, it will always face the same direction no matter which direction the enemy is facing. Or will it? I guess it will :mad: .

Which game to you plan to use this on... Mergah, Shoot 'em UP! etc. all names are property of Reverie Products, do not steal I am curious, considering they are our games :p.