This is exactly what's wrong

People are not giving their opinions enough. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than our own chrons.
I've put hours into my chrons, and so do the other chron writers. While imagining a story in of itself gives some enjoyment, we'd not go to the trouble of writing the things in our heads down if it weren't for the desire to share them with others.

We work hard to provide you with high-quality chrons almost every week, and when we see just one or two comments - or even none - after all that work, it is very disheartening. More than one chron writer has probably stopped writing because of the lack of comments.

If you think the Coldstone chrons are just for fantasy, you're wrong - we have three running sci-fi stories going on now, By Celchu, Bryce and Salrillian.

So, to summarize:
(1) Our chron authors like it when you read and comment on their stories;
(2) If you don't comment on a story you read, you're a parasitic leach;
(3) You can start making up for lost time

The latest installment (Part 3) of TS: Insidae , which covers the adventures of the Starship Starfire as it encounters a abandoned fleet dead in space, is found (url="http://";=49&forum;=*Coldstone+Chronicles&DaysPrune;=25&article;=000072&startpoint;=")here(/url). If you've been following the series, start there. If you're new to it, (url="http://";=49&forum;=*Coldstone+Chronicles&DaysPrune;=25&article;=000063&startpoint;=")you can read part one here.(/url)

Remember, you'll be devoured by marmots in your dishwasher if you don't read and comment on it. 😛
(Well, maybe not... )

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While I can understand your wanting opinions and feedback on your chrons, please do it in the chrons announcement thread when your chron is announced. We don't need to start multiple threads on why people aren't responding, or chastising people for not responding.

Personally, I don't read any of the chrons and thus do not comment on them. I'm sure there are quite a few others that this fits as well.

This being said there is nothing further that needs to addressed. If you wish to ask people to respond to your chron then do so in the thread that announced it. It is still around; a search will uncover it.

But a new thread is not necessary, thus...


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