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When i make animations they do not show up.......i was trying to use it on an attack, and when that didnt work, i tried to use it just regular in the map... but that didnt work either. Is there anything special i have to do to make animations? i took the images and put them how i want is probably something easy but i cannot get it to work.

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Well... there are certain formats of images that are accepted. If you popped it out of Photoshop as .psd it won't work. Try saving it as a PNG (they are the most reliable) or a BMP, and maybe a PCT too. If all of these don't work, make sure that the ppi is 72 (is that it...?) and that it is either 16 bit or 32 bit (16 bit is better, as 32 bit isn't COMPLETELY supported...)

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Bodadem, you already have a thread on this board containing this question. Please limit your discussion on this topic to that thread, and do not start new threads for the same thing.

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