Gauges for stats in the map interface...

How do we do it? I think Dee was working on a tutorial, but I'm all about instant gratification when it comes to that kind of stuff. So, can anyone explain it to me?



Dee's time has been (url="http://"")eaten up.(/url) Don't hold your breath.

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I assumed that Dee would be kept very busy with VATZ, but I was hoping that somebody else had figured it out. šŸ™‚


Correct me if I'm wrong, but couldn't you make a "button" with all of the numbers pre-artworked into it that "loaded" if the stat was it? i.e. if speed was 7 then load the Speed 7 button onto the interface.
Would that help?


Well, why not have an animation? Example: Say you wanted to show how many miles an hour they are going (i know, it's big, you could make it smaller if you wish). Have a little circle, with the numbers, and the spindle starting at 0. Put in one animation for every time they go faster (eh, i don't believe there is mph in cs, but it's just an example). Make an event that links to the animations (if you can, i never tried). Sorry if this is buggy, I just thought it up, plus I am a newb. It also may not be the best way to do this.

Another way is to have a gauge, then to have a global. Make the global gb_speed or something. Create a keydown on up down left and right and have gb_speed increase. I forget how to make some format of the global show up on the screen, but maybe you can figure it out, or look for it in other questions.

The third way is to combine the two. Have the global be linked to the animation, along with the events/keydowns.

I'm not sure if any of these ways work, but they're worth a try. Sorry if they don't.

Hope I helped,

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