Thanks PinkFluffyBunny

First off I'd like to say thanks to PinkFluffyBunny for helping me with my last problem. Thanks (I hope get this)

Any way now my dailog won't work. When I lauch my game it goes black and then white and says "Can't load dialog picture". Now I know what is wrong but I don't know how to fix it. So once again I need help. Thanks.


You're welcome 😛 Anyway, make sure it is 72dpi (it is what adobe auto starts with), and 16 bit.

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Brian, I know you are new to the boards, but for future reference, don't start a new topic just to thank someone for helping with a problem. it is okay to post more than once in the same topic.

Welcome to the boards 🙂

And don't play dumb, you're not as good at it as I am!