possible bug to be fixed for CGE 1.0.2: Death stamps cause crashing

During my vast ventures of creating a game with coldstone, I have fallen on a bug. I wanted to make a hero death animation place on an endgame event, so that, when he dies, the animation plays, and then the game goes to the main screen. However, I found that when the hero dies, and the stamp places, the game crashes.
I am using a 600 MHZ iMac with a 40 gig HD, running OSX 10.1.5 and 9.1.2 if needed. I am putting 150 thousand k into my game.
The following is what I did:

-I made a change global: gb_newX set to PlayerX
-I made another change global: gb_newY set to PlayerY
-Another change global: multiply gb_newX by 32
-Another: multiply gb_newY by 32
-Play Entire sound before proceeding: HeroDeath001
-Stamp Control: Add Hero_Faint Anim at &&newX;, &&newY;

When executing, CGE does everything correctly, but on executing the stamp placement, the game crashes.

I then did the exact same thing, but on a different event, titled death, and had it linked to a key. This worked perfectly.

I then tried linking this event (death) to the endgame event, so it looked like this:

CallEvent :Death

This also crashes.

I believe I have found a bug here and would just like to report it so it may be fixed for CGE 1.0.2


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Originally posted by OgreBob:

Mr. OgreBob,

I just had a thought that I'd like you to test if you don't mind.

The premise of my thought is that CGE in the death event might kill the player before the event is run. If this is the case then the stamp you are placing at &&PlayerX;, &&PlayerY; may be a non-existant set of coordinates and thus cause the crash.

Ok, that being said, try to do the following to prove or disprove my theory:

  1. Create 2 new globals: new_player_X and new_player_Y

  2. Make a new event, call it something like "set player coordinates"
    In this event place the following 2 calls:

  • Change Global: set new_player_X to be equal to &&PlayerX;
  • Change Global: set new_player_Y to be equal to &&PlayerY;
  1. Create a keydown event(& key or whatever) and link it to the "set player coordinates" event.

  2. Modify the death event so that the stamp placement event uses &&gb;_new_player_X and &&gb;_new_player_Y instead of using the &&PlayerX; and &&PlayerY.;

  3. Compile your game and start it up.

  4. Use the keydown event to run the event "set player coordinates" so that the new globals are set.

  5. Kill your character in the same spot that you ran the keydown event. See if the game crashes.

  6. Post back with your findings.


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