Launch Problems

I'm making my own game with coldstone(not the tutorial). I went to Photoshop 5.5 and save a Picture I made under the pct. files in Location. Pic. The preveiw showed up just fine. I then went to create a new event and it worked fine. So now I try to play the game(launch it) and it says "Invaild creator code specified. It must be 4 cahractors. Default creator code used." so I hit 'return' and this comes up "Configuration file can't be found. Try to create and click the <<save>> button.

The only things of that I understood were:
1. Some how I in put an 'invaild code' no equil to '4 char.'.
2. It used a 'deflault code' to correct it
3. Somewhere there is a 'scenario option'
4. And besides point out the obvious, I don't know how to work this program and need help, please

Ok, well, the only thing I figured out is if you go under game options (command-i) then under misc, there is a blank box that says creator code. Just put in something four letters long. Esc: CARS or cats or !!!!
Something like that.

Hope that works,

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