[ANN] -- Ambrosia releases source code to Trinity plugin for Pillars of Garendall

Ambrosia Software, Inc. released today the source code to "Trinity", the plugin that adds significant enhancements to the role playing game "Pillars of Garendall" that Ambrosia shipped for Mac and Windows last year.

The Trinity plugin is a substantially enhances Pillars of Garendall and extends the game by adding new quests, new graphics, and three new specialties to choose from: swordsman, ranger, and conjurer. Both Pillars of Garendall and the Trinity plugin were created by Beenox using Ambrosia's powerful game creation engine, Coldstone:


"By making the source code to Trinity available," says Ambrosia's el Presidente, Andrew Welch "We're letting game authors peek into how Coldstone can be used to create first-class commercial products that can be deployed simultaneously on Mac and Windows."

The source code to the Trinity plugin is available free of charge, and can be downloaded here:


Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.
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