to People who want to make Side Scrollers

This isn't really directly related to Coldstone, but very directly related to game development. I have seen a bunch of people who wanted to make side scrollers around here, but Coldstone is more of an RPG maker.

The answer is (url="http://"")Green Machine!(/url)
Someone posted this on Just Chat, and I thought people here might be interested.

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Has anyone looked at this and got the the demo to work? I only got a black screen on my machine . . .



Has anyone looked at this and got the the demo to work? I only got a black screen on my machine . . .

Yeah, so did I. I'm using an iMac; Mac OS 9.0.
Uh, I think its just for Mac OS X.

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That black scene is the program. You see, the game you see on the site is a scenario created to run on the Green Machine engine. What you've downloaded is the full engine itself. The screen turns black because it doesn't have a scenario to run. The maker of Green Machine said he would put the sample scenario on the site for free download, but he doesn't have the server space & bandwidth (the sample game is 200+ MB). So as it is, the only real way to make the engine useable is to order the demo game from the guy and use its files as templates for your own game. Essentially, you have to figure out how the engine accesses the game files for yourself. It is not a creation kit like CS. Essentially, you make and insert your graphics, and then use these text files to set the parameters for characters, weapons, items, etc. Unfortunately, there isn't a tutorial on how to do that right now, so you pretty much have to get the sample game and reverse-engineer it. I talked to the guy who is making the engine, and it is very much a work in progress. He is still adding all kinds of new features to the engine, and he is trying to get a tutorial writen about how to create game scenarios without having to reverse-engineer the sample. But, it's just one guy working alone, so there's only so much he can do at a time.


Yup, i got a black screen too,

there are far to many of these kind of engines out there for the mac, they're pretty much lacking the interfaces that Coldstone has
other wise they would have been dubbed "the most complete solution for mac game creation", but oh well

if i can come up with a method for jumping which shouldn't be too hard, u can match it with the pseudo technique in the other side scrolling thread...and ta da

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