[ANN] Fortress of Die Nacht, d5 released!

I thought you'd all like something to bide your time with while waiting for Coldstone. 😉
Yay! New version! Whee! 😄

Fortress of Die Nacht is a free text-based RPG that I have been developing and refining for quite some time now. It's got it all, monsters, armor, weapons, easter eggs, secret rooms, scrolls, and health vials!

You can get Fortress of Die Nacht directly at:

Or you can go cruise around the site at:

Now, for a brief update...

The scenario that you play in d5 will be part of the final game, although I will undoubtedly refine parts of it. The general idea is laid though, so you can start guessing at plot. 🙂 I've put in tons of work since d4 was released (you can read the (url="http://"http://aviary.damnsw.net/fortress/progresslog.html")progress log(/url) to find out), and I think this is becoming a cool product. 🙂

Anyway, please email me at (url="http://"mailto:sethclaus@aviaryproductions.f2s.com")mailto:sethclaus@aviaryproductions.f2s.com(/url)sethclaus@aviaryproductions.f2s.com