Ares level 13 HELP!

I am having trouble beating these new aliens. The ones in the sleek, black ships that fire lightning bolts at you. Does anyone have any suggestions or secrets that may help me? I can't seem to think of any ways to beat them, I've come close, but i just can't. HELP!!!

Ah the Salrillians. I suppose you also met them in lvl 11. Well the little cruisers are no problem, concentrate your Destroyers firepower on the carrier and keep moving to avoid the T-Space Bolt Rod. Attack them as soon as they appear, or they will attack the elejeetain liner


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just sit there at the jumpgate and wait for them to come to you. Two things can happen at this point:

  1. They go totally mad and just romp around blasting the tar out of everything, and they attack the Liner first. You can't win in this situation and you must start the level over.

  2. They come towards you. Assign the Heavy Cruisers to escort your HVD and sit there. The carrier will jump in. Immediately start moving so you don't stay in it's T-Space Bolt's grip for long and never release your missile button. Throw everything you have at that carrier and just ignore the cruisers. Remember : keep moving so it's "lightning" doesn't hit you for so long. Once the carrier's wasted, hose down the area with carpet fire to eliminate the fighters.

By now you're nearly dead, if you have low shields and cruisers on your tail, warp out of there and let the Heavy Cruisers take them out. Only engage the fighters: the cruisers are very hard. Heck, you don't have to kill them all (although I'd strongly reccomend it), just distract them untill the Liner is through.

Yo Ho Ho was one of the hardest levels in the game for me, a true test of your pilot skills. Just stick t it and you'll beat it eventually.

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