After-Effects of spells

I was wondering what ANY of the possibilities are for what happens to a target after a spell is cast. Kind of like an indication that the spell was cast or whatever happens to the target after the spell is cast upon it. For example, if I wanted to summon the deathly gaze of 13 Medusas on the king, I'd want it to shoot one big eye ball and explode on him in a slimy mess, creating 26 eyeballs that hover around him for a while (if a while exists at all) and they slowly drain his health until he dies. Could I DO that? Could I have the spell effect be a bunch of eyeballs swarming around someone until they die? Or have a spell that gives you a contrail. If I cast "SLUG" on the innocent dog, could I make him leave a dripping slimy trail and be slowed for about 50 steps? Or a freezing spell that puts an icy mist around the target so that you can tell that it's frozen until it is no longer frozen. Am I making any sense?????



Originally posted by Kireck L:
**Am I making any sense?????

I get what you're talking about, and I'm going to give you an honest answer: I don't know. I doubt anyone outside Ambrosia or Beenox knows right now, exactly how far the capabilities of the animation engine have been pushed.

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