What speed computer should a user have to run a game made in CS?
PC and Mac


I think for Apple Mac's, it would definatly have to me a PowerMac, I don't think a 68k machine could cope with all the layers and animations without a FPU. As for PC, I have no idea of their hardware so I am unable to answer the second part of the question.

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Originally posted by Kenny98:
**What speed computer should a user have to run a game made in CS?
PC and Mac


We don't know, Coldstone is not finished, and optimization is typically the last step.

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I have been running the editor on my 6500 quite succesfully. However, it does have a G3 upgrade. It zooms on my G4.

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I think the PC equivalent is something like a P1 with a 80-100 MHz range (if it worked on a PPC 6500, then who knows...). This is just a rough estimate though. I doubt you'd really enjoy playing a CS game on an 80 MHz P1 though... lotsa lag. A PII would probably be more than enough juice, and I don't know many people using anything under a PII these days.

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