Even more questions!

If you haven't noticed I keep coming up with new questions 😃 I try to read through the posts but there are so many I can't always find my answer. Or if I do it's not clear.
So here's a few more questions. You guys probably hate me by now...

  1. For background music to the game if I'm not mistaken we can use Mp3s?

  2. What screen resolution does it run at? If you can set to for different resolutions does it stretch images to fill the screen?

  3. Is there anyway to get the battle system similar to Final Fantasy VI? (III in US)

  4. What is the battle system like?

Thanks for your time.


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see my recent post in realtime vs turnbased...
its in the log...
...it's realtime completely, there is no "balance" as Andrew said...
It might remind you of Myth II soulblighter...
SO Says The Chill!


Heeeeeree weee gooo!

1)Dee said coldstone can use all quicktime supported formats, mp3 is one of them.

2)I think you set it when you compile the game

3)Probably not without a lot of fuss.

4)Look at the PoG movie.

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