My it impossible???

SOOOoo im not a programmer or a hacker or a..well im only 15 :). The thing is i want to make a Cs game of where you start out and you can pick your class. Can ya do that, then ill have auto map just maps...these maps will show you where to go etc...MY RPG is going to be realistic..because i don't thing travellers ages ago could go..hMmmmmm im on auto map..No i want to have MAPS! Oh and also can you make it so that instead of having like the BG thing where ya click and go to that spot on the universal map...can ya have just you walk around..Like it takes you say 20minutes real time to go from one city to another...and get like attacked by bandits and monsters???? SORRy if this took alot f time to read BUT it is essiential for me to know this stuff...THANKS@!

Yes my frige is running..why?, oh OH MY GOD ITS ESCAPED AGAIN!


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I do love that kind of answers 😉

Welcome in the dark side...