Hmm... A thought has occured

Will Ambrosia be having some kind of awards for best CS game? No big huge prizes or anything, just a pat on the back.
I suppose it would help keep standards high, as EVO plugs are gettin kinda crappy lately, compared to Frozen Heart.
Hmm... Might be a good idea for the EVO plugs too, come to think of it.

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He is here...
dARK dRagon, eh?
You seem to have wandered off the topic in the space of 4 sentences,
but it might be interesting to see the best of the year showcased and a small page linking to the maker's...
He is gone ??
:: dissapates::


What a good idea. A while a go R & R software did an EV ship contest. Weepull one first and second place. hehehehee.....

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Actually, it was stated that ASW would offer to publish games that stood up to their quality standards. I believe this is in the faq.

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