Graphics In Halo

Hello, first time on this board so don't kill me if somone's already asked these questions

-The ground seems to be 3d, but is it made out of polygons and actualy 3D or is it just 2d but soposed to LOOK 3D (Like diablo 2)
-Are coldstone users going to be able to make their own maps, or will they be based on tilesets. If it is tilesets, will people be able to make their own?

Coldstone allows you to import your own charecters (and other sprites i'd imagine), but any idea what format they are in? Pict, Jpeg, BMP?

and what about the animation editor, it looks like it uses a polygon figure and moves it around a bunch to make animation? If thats what it is (I can't really tell from the picture) then what kind of format do I need for that

Also, I know it hasn't been released yet but a lot of the posts on this forum actualy seem to be from people who have it? Do you guys just have the beta, do you work for amrbosia/beenox, or are you just speculating what you would DO if you did have it?

And no i never got the public beta so thats why im asking here, slow modem, big file, short story 🙂

Thanks and im sure you will be helpfull

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Coldstone uses a 2D graphics engine. You can supply your own graphics. All the screenshots you see, however, are of PoG, and have therefore you only see one art set. You can layer images to create complex graphics. While the engine is somewhat tile-based, the graphics don't have to be.

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