A little referencing ?

I don't know if this topic will survive a long time, but, just for a "statistical purpose", I'd like all of you people who already prepared their game (which certainly mean everybody ;)) to put an answer in this topic with :

  • The name (for ones who already have an idea)
  • The historical context (Medieval, Futurist)
  • Will it be realist or Fantastic ?
  • And what you want !!!!!

I know it's kinda useless, but it may just be fun to see what is the tendance... (I'd bet the medieval fantastic RPG will be first :p)

I hate it when people make spelling mistakes in there signiture.

Oops ! I didn't see jmitchell stole my idea ! 😉 Well, this topic is definitly useless !

I hate it when people make spelling mistakes in there signiture.

yep, I am a theif, that I am. but, all is not lost! you've got a much more structured form here, so everybody who plans on posting on "the game itself" thread, follow Dark Madman's format if you want. You're right, I'll bet fantasy / medieval wins out, although I have to say that I'm still rooting for the sci-fis.

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Soooo....if I close this topic, posting the link to (url="http://"http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/cgi-bin/ubb/postdisplay.cgi?forum=Forum48&topic;=000327")jmitchells topic(/url), then nobody will be mad... 😛

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