8, 16, or (dare I hazard) 32 bit?

What graphics can Coldstone handle? EV-style 8-bit? Nova-style 16-bit?

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If you root around carefully enough in the archives of this fledgling board, I believe you'll find a post from Dee somewhere (I believe in response to someone pleading not to make Coldstone use a Realmz/Exile-like tile-based engine) that the graphics can be 32-bit, but you're welcome to use 8-bit if you want.


Mmmm...32 bits....can't wait. That sounds sarcastic, I really mean it. :redface:

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I figured it would be 16, but 32? Coldstone will be indeed a fine product. 🙂

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Originally posted by skyblade:
**I figured it would be 16, but 32? Coldstone will be indeed a fine product.:)


Does ANYONE read the information on ColdStone? I do believe the information that ColdStone will be 32 bit has been on the Beenox website for over a month... but oh well, most of you are from the Amrbosia boards, not the original ColdStone boards.

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