Once again...

First off, I would like to say that this message board is very confusing. Do you guys have an option to just keep it in order of when the TOPIC was created, not when a message was added to the topic? I always miss messages now. Anyway, no one answered my question. I don't know if Andrew can, but I would think he would know this much (if not, I hope Dee comes around sometime). Is the ColdStone game still tile based? As I said before, the screenshots look like the engine is not, yet I would think he wouldn't have rewritten the entire map engine...

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For the date created-last post: from what I've seen, no. andrew could modify it but that would mean some really drastic changes for the board. The newer topics that people want others to see will be unseeable at the bottom. The last post one lets all of us see the more recent posts by other people.

As for the tile question: maybe. I don't quite know what they are doing but I can say that it will come out and satisfy your needs.

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