Music / formats

First off, I'd just like to say I think Coldstone being picked up by Ambrosia is really cool. It has increased my confidence in Dee, et. al, by threefold. 😃

OK, so if I remember correctly, in the previous versions of CGE, you could one use MOD-style music. While I think that's a great format, it's one I don't have a very good grasp on for programming my own music with (I tend to have a severe case of 'not invented here' syndrome...).

What I do have a very good grasp on are ProTools, Quicktime Audio, and MP3. Will I be able to write my own music for my game(s) and use these formats? Will there be programmable events for fading between music (ie, moving from one area to another produces a 5 second fade between music files). Could we maybe have some basic control over these formats, such as events that place the music at a certain time point in a certain music file (I know they did this with MOD in Unreal, increasing the tension of the music when you entered a certain area).

Anyrate, just wondering, because I'm starting my plotwriting and graphics programming tomorrow morning (oops, it is tomorrow morning...).

From what I can tell about Beta 8.1, you should be able to have different music for different places. If you want to fade between the music, you could have a sound file of the fade, and play that.

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