I cant think of a topic how about

IF there is a Ares two I think thay should make it alot better(not that it isn't great) heres what i think it sould have:
1)More weopons (like 5 instead of 3)
2)u should be able to at least costimize one ship
3)Alot more ships for each team
4)There should be speachel ships that u have to face(like a motified Carrier)
5)U should have differnt paths (Like if u lose a mission then u dont loss the world)
What do u think

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All of those things could be added with hera, with the exception of being able to customize a ship. Although, I am working on porting Ares over to EVO

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Sargantanus, are you sure you can give ships 5 weapons using Hera? It'd be an extremely difficult operation... Though... Hang on a second...
Ponders the possibilities of turning the third weapon into a "Change weapon" key"

And there are certain way you could customize a ship, to a small degree. It wouldn't be that great, though.

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You can have different paths to take. Just look in the conditions. If you don't understand what I mean, look at it this way. In the situation that you capture a planet, the game plays out the condition "declare winner", whichever one that may be. In that "declare winner" condition, there is a "next level" variable. All that you have to do is make it so that when the enemy captures your base, it takes you to a different level than if you captured theirs.

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  1. Make it like EV; link multiple primaries to the beam slot, and have a couple different secondary weapons it can have. Special weapon key performs an AlterPulseWeapon action which allows the player to fire a different weapon. You can have hundreds of weapons.

  2. You can perform AlterBeam/Pulse/SpecialWeapon on a proximity condition.

  3. Easy

  4. Easy

  5. Complex, but what you can do is evaluate the level of success to skip n levels if you complete n objectives. However, you can't have one "winning" ending and one "losing ending." You can only have one ending.

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