EV/EVO Newswire: The PC Nova Song

For those of you anxiously awaiting EV Nova for the PC, and also for those Mac users who are watching the port of EV Nova to the PC with a skeptical eye, Tim "Pikeman" Wright has composed a song for you (in .mp3 format): "The PC Nova Song"

Grab it here in .mp3 format:

(url="http://"http://www.ambrosiasw.com/cgi-bin/vftp/show.pl?product=evn&category;=essentials&display;=date&file;=thepcnovasong.mp3") (/url)

(4.9mb, 4:20 playing time)

Written by Tim "Pikeman" Wright
Original song by Tim "Pikeman" Wright

Vocals: Tim "Pikeman" Wright
Backing Vocals: Tim "Pikeman" Wright
Acoustic Guitar: Tim "Pikeman" Wright