EV/EVO Newswire: Introducing MissionComputer for EV Nova

I've just posted a new version of my ever-expanding scenario editor, MissionComputer, which for the first time now supports EV Nova in all of its editors (while retaining support for Escape Velocity and EV Override), and adds several new ones. MissionComputer still does not completely replace the traditional tools such as ResEdit with NovaTools, but complements them with an easier way to edit a number of resource types.

MissionComputer 2 adds crön, PICT, STR, and STR# to the list of supported resource types, which includes the dësc, düde, flët, gövt, jünk, mïsn, përs, and yëä® resources. It provides a simple interface for selecting the resource IDs needed when referring to one resource from another, and offers excerpts from the official Resource Bible in a convenient help system and right within some parts of the interface. MissionComputer 2 also includes a new Resource Copier utility for moving large numbers of resources between files, integrates my previously available EV Nova Target Generator application, and improves the application's overall resource management abilities.

The original version of MissionComputer was first released on 22 December 2001 after several months of development and testing. It is available in both a Carbon edition designed for Mac OS X - including Jaguar - and a Classic edition which runs on Mac OS 9 and below on both PowerPC- and 68000 series-based Macintoshes. It supports both the Escape Velocity 1.0.5, EV Override 1.0.2, and EV Nova 1.0.3 file formats.

MissionComputer 2 is immediately available from my web site at (url="http://"http://davidarthur.evula.net/")davidarthur.evula.net(/url), and, like all previous versions, is a free download.

David Arthur
6 January 2003