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Rochester, NY -- November 14, 2002 -- Ambrosia Software, Inc. announced today that they are transforming the world of Windows PC gamers forever. Responding to overwhelming demand, Ambrosia is excited to bring both Escape Velocity Nova and Deimos Rising to a PC near you - now ready for a test drive by a select few...

Originally released for the Macintosh, both titles have quickly become cult classics. The adrenaline rush called Deimos Rising was one of the first games to be bundled on new computers with Apple's Mac OS X, and the twisted plotlines of Escape Velocity have left many players spinning in their swivel chairs. It was only a matter of time before the buzz about these games sparked the interest of the PC community. "Why don't we have shareware of this quality on our PCs!? We want these games too!" came the cries. To stem the tide, Ambrosia has tapped the best talent in the industry to make it a reality, and as these games near completion, they need your help!

EV Nova

The third incarnation of the Escape Velocity series finds you as a young pilot with a brand-new shuttlecraft, full power cells, and an entire universe to explore. You must choose which missions to take, which people to trust and which gear to buy. Will a rack of solar panels be more useful than a shiny new laser turret? Which ship has the best layout for your playing style? You'll be able to choose from literally hundreds of ships and upgrades in your journeys.

The high quality graphics and transparency effects of EV Nova engine are a dramatic improvement over previous versions, while the ambitious story presents you with a myriad of choices that promises extensive replayability. And if that isn't enough, players can install or create additional plugins to enhance gameplay or introduce entirely new stories, the possiblities are limitless.

Bringing this game to Windows is (url="http://"http://contrabandent.com/")Contraband Entertainment, Inc.(/url), which was formed by a group of experienced game development professionals. Created to be a fresh start, Contraband has gathered some of the best game designers, artists and programmers from the last decade. Project leads at Contraband have anywhere from six to eighteen years of game development under their belts.

According to President Bill Heineman: "Contraband is delighted to be working with such a prestigious and well honored publisher such as Ambrosia. We are committed to making EV Nova a great experience on the PC as it is on the Mac."

Deimos Rising

The much-anticipated sequel to the smash hit Mars Rising - Deimos Rising is a fast-action, smooth-scrolling, heart-stopping, arcade-style game that's sure to hyphenate your social life. This sequel is about revenge. And not yours.

David Wareing has once again crafted a masterpiece of twitch gaming bliss that combines killer graphics, sounds, music, and action into an experience that'll leave you breathless. Deimos Rising features gorgeous 16 bit graphics lovingly rendered with transparency, alpha masking, and motion blur into a whirlwind of pixelized chaos. The legions of enemies you'll face go beyond hectic. Once you touch down on the menacing landscape of Deimos, you will understand...

The Deimos Rising port is underway by (url="http://"http://www.trihedron.com")Trihedron LLC(/url), a software development firm specializing in game development. Formed in 2001, Trihedron draws on a decade of experience in interactive entertainment. Trihedron develops for Windows, Macintosh, and various gaming consoles.

Trihedron's Nate Trost was very excited to be working on the project: "Ambrosia has been providing Mac gamers with countless hours of entertainment for almost a decade. It's exciting to take part in bringing the Ambrosia addiction to a new platform. Mac and Windows users can finally unite behind the banner of Captain Hector!"

Wanna test?

Are you interested in helping beta test Escape Velocity Nova or Deimos Rising on Windows? If so, send us an email including your machine specs to winbetatest@ambrosiasw.com. Consider the email you send an interview for the beta test -- we are very selective, and will select testers based on the completeness and clarity of their applications. Please indicate which game you would like to test in the title of your email.

Ambrosia Software, Inc. - publisher of award winning programs for the Macintosh - distributes a full line of utility, productivity, and anti-productivity (game) software through the Internet, America Online, and CompuServe as shareware. Unregistered versions of Ambrosia's products on CD can be obtained at Ambrosia web site, (url="http://"http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/")http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/(/url) or by calling Ambrosia's order center at 585.325.1910.

Tom Anthony / Ambrosia Software, Inc.