the tournament schendule


I dont know about other people and not showing up at the tournament but ill give my reason for my absense. Saturday evening/night is like the WORST possible time for me. Saturday is the only day I am almost always doing something outside my house. So i propose a new schedule. The tournament should be on a weekday or sunday. Just not saturday. Too many people are doing something on saturday. If the tournament was on a week day say about 7:00. I could make it. I could also probably get some of my friends to get on it too. Please submit your comments about my proposal.

(note: I have no authority over the tournament so i cant change anything.)

PS. I will not be able to make next weeks tournament either if it stays saturday.


I think it should be on every tuseday at 7:30 (webbord time not your time) at the stradigey room in GR and it should start tomarrow


thats a good time but what is webboard time??
Also theres no longer a strategy room in gr. so just in the main lobby maybe


well wedbord time is one hour befour mine(time zones)
and since when did it not have that room
P.S. I am a member of ECA and i was kicked for a week least tuesday
so ill be back on GR tomarrow night


yes i know that u are in ECA. Im in it too :). but i was unaware of u being banned.


I was banned because i pertened to be someone else and then, as the other person i said, ECA EMINEM is cool and me and Scott Kevill is gay so he banned me for a week


Okay here is the deal with the tournament

i am in charge of it and i have Karate on tuesdays, and thursdays from 7:00 to 9:00 hence the tournament will never be held tuesday or thursdays because im in charge and i dont want too 🙂

i realize all scedules wont match and some people will invariably be left out, i am sorry and will do my best too correct this problem as much as possible.

In the words of the everwise Captin Spock "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" (comeon people you just cant argue with spock)

i am going to try to have the tourneys on a weekend date, friday saturday or maybe sunday. if saturday dont work how about friday 7:00 to 9:00 central time?
like vegetas old tournaments?
P.S. main lobby is too crowded, it will be in the Bar&Grill; if i can get the people too show up again

so friday the 4th of august we will try the tournament again TELL EVERYONE YOU SEE PLAYING ARES

"Learn about art captian,
when you understand a
species' art you
understand that species"
Grand Admiral Thrawn
at the fist battle of his

friday sounds good. Same time i take it?


Does that mean it starts at 7:00 then goes to around 9:00, or it starts somewhere between 7:00 and 9:00.

I was at the bar and grill at 7:00 to 7:24 on friday and again at 8:00. Only bob was there. WHERE WERE YOU!!! :mad: