EV/EVO Newswire: Wrath of the Confederation Coming

I am currently contructing an EV plugin called "Wrath of the Confederation 1.0." I'm planning on having missions avaliable for both the Rebellion, and the Confederation. So far, I have made 10 purchasable ships (unpurchasable ships are just stonger or weaker versions of one of the purchasable ships), 13 outfits (one of them includes a forklift), and at least 12 missions for the Rebellion (I still have some ways to go).

The basic plot for the Rebellion missions is that during the Great War, the Confederation scanned all the Alien ships to get a hold of their technology. Now they've constructed their own versions of the Alien Cruiser (painted blue), Alien Fighter (Painted Yellow), and the seeker drones and fusion beams (blue colored). The Rebel also has a secret weapon: the Rebel SEAL Navy. Their ships are the same as standard Rebel ships except that they are colored green, and are equipped with Neutron Turrets (one of my new outfits), and are much more powerful than the standard Rebel ships. Later on, the Rebel SEAL will have their own version of the Alien Cruisers and Fighters (slight spoiler).

The Confederation and Rebel missions will both end with the same thing: the end of the intergalactic civil war. That means that all the systems will belong to either the Confederation or the Rebellion (excluding pirates and independant planets). I'll still have "leftover" Rebel or Confed fleet missions that you have to destroy.

All outfits and ships will have their own individual pictures. No green "x's" or annoying things like that. I'm trying the best I can to make everything look quality and professional. I've painted the ships in ColorIt by using a long, somewhat painstaking process by using the eyedropper and RGB picker. I'm not saying this because its my plugin, but the ships look very nice! I'm not so sure how much longer this plugin will take, but keep your eyes open!