WHATS WITH ALL THE Ares.Disks on the addons

Well i want to know"WHATS WITH ALL THE Ares.Disks on the" so whats with it?
Check it out for your self at (url="http://"http://www.AmbrosiaSW.com/games/ares/addons.html")http://www.AmbrosiaS...res/addons.html(/url) !


The reason is that the ares installer can't fit on 1 disk, so they "segment" the file after Stuffing it so that it can fit on a series of floppys. When you UnStuff the file, it should be "joined" back into 1 file. Plus segmenting the file makes it take less time to download, plus you don't need to redownload the entire file if something goes wrong during the download.

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