the people that use hera... and me

I dont know about most of the people on here(ive only been around about a month) but i have almost no clue how to use hera. Like i can make a ship but i cant put weapons on it. so if someone can answer these questions i would be eternally happy(until i get mad).

How do u put weapons on a ship?

How do u make the pic for a ship?

is there a way to see the pic in advance?

That should cover it for now. if somone should be so kind as to just email me some document besides the read me on how to use hera u would be a good and happy person.

Feel free to post your hera questions here


  1. How do you put weapons on a ship?
    Go to the weapons tab. In there are three columns, near the top of each are the weapons. click the select button and it will throw up a list.

  2. How do you make a pic for a ship?
    The same way you would for EV. You need a 3D rendering program. Ships are best rendered in 8x3 format. Once you do that, go into the sprite editor and imort it.

  3. Is there a way to see the pic in advance?
    Yes. The sprite editor has all of the graphics for Ares.

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People can put hera questions here if they want to. Or it will get closed. either way thank u.

NOOOO my eyes are bleeding (not really) 😄


No. People should not post their Hera questions here.

Hera questions should be posted on the "Engineering" board, where they belong.

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