EV/EVO Newswire: EVO traditionalised ?......

I'm making an new EV plug-in (10% done) that instead of going on about politics and completely changing the universe (I think we've all had enough of "Complete rewrite of ev(o), what ambrosia did wrong I correct" idiots who have been on something non-perscription. I just intend to do something like EVO traditionalised, a second great war where the aliens are back and the rebellion and confederation are allied together : Confed Teracons (New carrier) carrying rebel mantas. But this alliance is still only temporary and you still see confed, rebel target names (A rebel confed cruiser ;)). Civilians are being called up and mercinaries are in high demand, corporations are building new ships and concentrating more and more on weapons, pacifists are being discriminated against. It's basically the original EV 250 years later with the story, instead of being rewritten being continued.

I'm looking for people to help (Johnathan Wrynn of celtic starbase fame wil probably be helping as well as others less well known), you don't have to have any real plug-in experience but just know the basics.

Comment this message or buzz me on paulos@gofree.indigo.ie if you wanna help. Thanx

James O' Sullivan a.k.a Wham!Man

I guess I could help. Depends on what needs to be done. (Also, I usually use EV-Edit. I can use Resorcerer to modify ships, weapons, dudes, fleets, and maybe a few other things, but making systems and installing PICTs with Resorcerer is a little to complicated for me.)