EV/EVO Newswire: Helpers Wanted

At the moment I'm making a Total Conversion Plug for EVO, I need people to help me make it.
I need people who either a) have experience in making plugs for EVO/EV
🆒 good at making 3D models
c) good at story lines for missions.

I have signed up to GS creation, but I haven't heard back from them yet.


Hey. Give us a chance. 🙂 You might want to check your e-mail. 😉

I could probably write a good story line. I'm pretty familiar. e-mail me with the reply, i don't come here all that often


Hey, i have experience building plug-ins, and i can write some good stories. If you still need help, mail me at the AOL adress by my name.

Damn. 3 already. I suppose you don't want another story writer?

Hell, I've got some prepared. And I am making a conversion as well, so I can help with a lot more than stories.

e-mail me at maridian@metallica.com

Although you've got 3 people, why would you need more?

Three years and my pizza still isn't here.

Maybe I should call.

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Hey I could do the 3d models, but not the final rendering, if someone has mechanisto i could help you out.