EV/EVO Newswire: New Plug-In

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A new, all singin', all dancin' 'Total Conversion' plug-in is on its way! This new plug will completely revamp the EVO universe, with a new timeline, storyline, graphics, ships, outfits, music and alot of pioneering new ideas.
A big extra that is only incorporated in this plug is the fact that the story spans multiple-plugs, meaning it occurs in three, yes three, different centuaries, following the technological evolution of man and the alien races encountered.
Done in old-skool sci-fi style with flying saucers and big-eyed, little grey men, this plug-in will be a must for everyone!
Go preview it at (url="http://"http://www.smigbro.demon.co.uk/abduction/abduc.html")http://www.smigbro.d...tion/abduc.html(/url)The Abduction Homepage

That splash screen rocks!

Three years and my pizza still isn't here.

Maybe I should call.

May I say, the splash screen ain´t as good as the 'Cloud Ship'. Or the spce station view.

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