Hay its Ken Kinif

I think i have stumbled opon a gold mine if this answer to my questions is yes heres the question:
Can u make plug-ins(with hera) that have multi paths like say u lost a mission and then u go to another mission that acts like u have lost that pervios mission, and if u won that mission u would take a differnt path that would go to a differnt mission then is if u would have lost it?
P.S. I know who ken kinif is but do u?


Yes, it is possible, but very tedious.

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That's exactly what we down at Slugsoft are doing. The plugin is called Iron Fist and it's about 20-30% done at most. It has a braching storyline with three alternate endings.

If you'd like to learn more, check us out at (url="http://"http://my.treeway.com/slugsoft")http://my.treeway.com/slugsoft(/url) .

(BTW, We're looking for a new member!)

Ill join Email me


Sorry, I appear to be mistaken. It turns out we don't need anyone yet.

(emphasise on yet ) I will post again.