GTW Game 37

dun dun dunnn

Welcome to Game 37, gentlemen.

There are four roles in this game:

  • Classified
  • Diplomat
  • Intelligence Agent
  • Traitor

Should you be unfamiliar with what these mean, some brief descriptions:

  • The diplomat is your standard player. Seeks to survive and discover the identity of the traitor(s) in his midst.
  • The intelligence agent is a man with highly-placed information sources that give him accurate information on the allegiance of any player he chooses to investigate.
  • The traitor is evil. Pure evil. So evil that he acts as a magnet to all evilness. He seeks to destroy the Diplomats and Intelligence Agent and RULE THE WORLD.
  • The classified role will be revealed upon death or the end of the game, whichever comes first.


  • The game will follow a day/night cycle, beginning with day. Each 'day' will last for forty-eight hours barring events in real life, in which case I will inform you beforehand of an extension or reduction in length. For my purposes, the first 'day' starts at 5:00 PM Central Standard Time.
  • The intelligence agent may only investigate one player per night cycle.
  • The traitor may only kill one person per night cycle.
  • I will reveal roles upon death, regardless of whether the player was a diplomat, intelligence agent or traitor.
  • When you die you are allowed one death post. No more.
  • PMs between players are encouraged -- make alliances, backstab, whatever it takes to win for your side.
  • Post your votes in bold.

The player list:

  • croc
  • JacaByte
  • mrxak
  • mud212
  • nfreader
  • prophile
  • retep998
  • SoItBegins
  • Techerakh

Please do not post until I've PMed you with your role. There are five diplomats, one intelligence agent, one classified, and two traitors.

Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war!

All righty... (coinflip!)

Voting for nfreader. Because random.

I'm voting for nfreader , too. Because he tried to kill me after I was dead the last time I played.

retep998 in self-defence.

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Rolls a 10 sided die
Gets 6
6th person on list is Prophile
So uh....

EDIT: Damn you Prophile for countering my random accusation before I posted it.

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Obviously prophile is a witch, and we should all burn him at the stake for divination.

jfyi, as a noob i don't know if this is considered bad form but in order to avoid any misunderstandings:

i'm not gonna be around to post during working hours (edt) m-f. if i'm not in #mafia good chance i'm not available to read the forums either.

Rounds are (ordinarily) 48 hours. As long as you can get a vote in during that time, you're good.

I really want to know how prophile did that.

But yeah, it's nfreader 's turn to die.

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After much consultation with my advisors (cat /dev/random), prophile is clearly guilty.

I have deduced that the two most likely traitors are Jaca and mud. Having one vote, Jaca , pending being convinced otherwise.

In other words, you voted randomly?


01:21 < InfiniteCustomer> Mack: Is there gonna be night deadlines

Why would he want to know about night deadlines? That's either a special or a traitor. My intuition would be that were he the former he'd be being more careful, so I'm going to have to point the finger at Techerakh.

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Apparently I have to post every day or people bitch at me on IRC, even though I've already posted more than most of you. So here it is, jerks.

Jaca: not hardly

Ali: don't be a doofus

Current Vote Tally:

SoItBegins **



Does it take a majority or plurality?

Having reviewed previous games, nfreader and mrxak are statistically the most likely to be evil. Given this information, I choose to vote for nfreader.

mrxak : if you're asking about who dies, it'd be a plurality. In this case nfreader would die.

So wait, the host is voting for me now? HAX!