Strange IP port and hard to connect to some games

My brother and I could not connect for an Internet game last night. I could not connect to him if he hosted and he could not connect to me if I hosted. Each of us could only get as far as the "Connecting" screen with a yellow bar graph. The "attempts" counter would just rise with no progress.

We could connect to other Internet games without trouble. Other people could also connect to our hosted games. We simply could not connect to each other.

We have been able to play online before. But it has been a few weeks since our last game.

I noticed that DEFCON was assigning each of us strange port numbers, such as 54152. Not port 5010 or similar as I would expect.

I checked and re-checked the DEFCON network settings and confirmed the server and client ports were correct. We tried Port Forwarding both disabled and enabled without success.

What is the reason for the strange port numbers and is this a clue as to why we can't connect to each other?

Also, the Ambrosia Support notes need updating. They appear to be a cut & paste of the Windows notes.

Says, "You can find your local IP by typing ‘ipconfig’ at a command line."

I don't think IPCONFIG is the best way to learn your local IP address in OS X ...

ipconfig getifaddr en0

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