Nintendo's Miyamoto a DEFCON Fan

The Legend of Zelda: Everybody Dies?

From Entertainment Weekly:


Those films deal with some serious themes: war, sacrifice, and the notion of heroism. Your games are mostly upbeat and sunny. Do you ever think about challenging yourself to design a game that addresses a real-world topic or carries a deeper social message?
Maybe if I were to come across a problem in my life that affected me I would think about that. A game like that would be very interesting to make. At the Independent Games Festival at the last GDC (the Game Developer's Conference) I saw a game, Defcon, which is about thermonuclear war — the whole world is destroyed. That's a very powerful message to put in a game.

Okay, it is only a small mention, but I thought it was neat.


Now that's pretty interesting wonder if he was just walking by and happened to see it?

While I do find this article Pretty Neat™, I am fully of the opinion that it should be stickied solely for the topic's subtitle. Genius!

Edit: Yay!

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Heh. Nice.

Damn. Prophile, nfreader, chop chop. We gotta get our games noticed by Miyamoto next. This Introversion guys are already way far ahead of the game.

All in good time, Taylor. <cryptic grin>

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