Feature Request: Bounce Dock Icon on Comms in Lobby

Feature Request:

When the DEFCON application is minimized while in lobby/game start mode, make the dock icon bounce whenever new comms come in (such as when a new player joins or types a message).

This is similar to the behavior found in many Instant Message clients.


I often find myself wanting to play a game at a time when not many other players are on, or with settings (like speed defcon) that not many other players want to play with. I'd like to be able to set up a server, minimize DEFCON, do some work, and get notified when someone joins my server.

As it is, I have to manually check back every once in a while which is a pain, and I usually find that someone has come and gone while I wasn't looking.

Seems like this shouldn't be too hard to implement, and it would allow me to use DEFCON to procrastinate much more effectively. 🙂

Please? Pretty please? With fallout on top? 🙂

Have you read The Hotline? Feature requests are, for now, virtually nil, though it is Ambrosia's doing that the icon is animated for the Dock.

I'll send an email about this to the beta list.

This is more of a platform specific request, which makes it plausible.

Yeah, might be a nice feature, I can see myself using it as well.

Well, El Presidente thinks it's a good idea, so it's likely we'll see it added here soon. 🙂

Meh. After relaying the exact same suggestion for SketchFighter to the corresponding place, I didn't get any such reaction from the Big Man. I demand that this feature be added to SketchFighter too!

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